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amortized costRestbuchwert {m}
amortized cost {sg}
fortgeführte Anschaffungs­kosten {pl}
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  • Operation find minimum is now trivial because we keep the pointer to the node containing it. It does not change the potential of the heap, therefore both actual and amortized cost are constant.
  • Any initial issue premium or discount is amortized to interest over time, and the resulting value is often described as amortized cost.
  • For example, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) utilizes an "entity's business model for managing the financial assets" as a criterion for determining whether such assets should be measured at amortized cost or at fair value in its International Financial Reporting Standard, IFRS 9.
  • The accounting method often gives a more intuitive account of the amortized cost of an operation than either aggregate analysis or the potential method.
  • This amortized cost can be much closer to the average cost, while still providing a guaranteed upper limit on the running time.
  • When summed over the entire splay operation, this telescopes to 3(rank(root)−rank("x")) which is O(log "n"). The Zig operation adds an amortized cost of 1, but there's at most one such operation.
  • IFRS 9 retained most of the measurement guidance for liabilities from IAS 39, meaning most financial liabilities are held at amortized cost, the only change relating to liabilities that utilize the fair value option.
  • "Minimum(Q):" The operation does not alter the data structure so the amortized cost is equal to its actual cost, O(1).
  • The regional district approved the installation of a water and sewer system at an amortized cost of $351,440 that was recovered from users over subsequent years.
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