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NOUN   an antefix | antefixae / antefixes
Stirnziegel {m}
Antefix {n}
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Übersetzung für 'antefix' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Stirnziegel {m}constr.hist.

Antefix {n}archi.hist.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Columns, cornices and capitals were made of yellow tufa, roofs and architraves of wood and to protect the overhang, terracotta tiles and elaborate antefix decorations.
  • Many ancient and traditional roofing styles included more elaborate sculptural elements than the plain roof tiles, such as Chinese Imperial roof decoration and the antefix of western classical architecture.
  • A painted inscription ("IVN") on an antefix identifies it as a temple of Juno.
  • The presence of the legion at Exeter is supported by the discovery of a dolphin antefix (roof fitting) from levels within the military bathhouse dated to about AD 60.
  • Among the fragments of the tiles part of an antefix with a "Maltese cross" and Georgian inscriptions was discovered, which make it clear that the church was built in the name of Archangel Michael.
  • The central motif of the Pataliputra capital is the flame palmette, the first appearance of which goes back to the floral akroteria of the Parthenon (447–432 BCE), and slightly later at the Temple of Athena Nike, and which spread to Asia Minor in the 3rd century BCE, and can be seen at the doorstep of India in Ai-Khanoum from around 280 BCE, in antefix and mosaic designs.
  • On the edge of the roof there are antefixes with floral frames, inside the antefix there are images of Hindu gods bust with hand position holding flowers.
  • Once, there had been a pediment, the existence of which is proven by a semi-palmette-form antefix found during the archaeological excavations.
  • The chevet on the right is flanked by two buttresses and finishes, as with the portal, with a very sloping curve surmounted by an "antefix" cross.
  • In the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Crotone there is a section housing the findings from the sanctuary of Apollo Aleus at Cirò Punto Alice: some Doric capitals of the temple, an antefix with a disc portraying a Gorgon from the acroterium, votive tablets, a matrix of an antefix, and fragments of an archaic statuette of a young man in limestone.
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