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at face level {adv}in Kopfhöhe
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Übersetzung für 'at face level' von Englisch nach Deutsch

at face level {adv}
in Kopfhöhe
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  • At a competitive level, disability sport classifications are applied to allow people of varying abilities to face similar opposition.
  • Hofstede's culture dimensions and scores are national or "ecological" in nature and do not apply to "individual" people living in the sampled countries: In Hofstede's analysis, the correlations of his culture variables are significant when aggregated to the national level but not significant at the individual level.
  • The Maine Road club won promotion in McCarthy's first full season and he finally had the chance to play at the highest level.
  • He was Professor of English Literature at the University of East Anglia from 1966 to 1978, and jointly helped to establish their creative writing course at masters level in 1970, which was then a groundbreaking initiative in the United Kingdom.
  • According to the IIHF regulations, it had to compete with countries with little or no ice hockey tradition at all to prove being worthy to compete at the highest level.
  • Responsible for enhancing the readiness of Active, Reserve and National Guard units and continuously synchronizing the distribution of sustainment materiel and force projection at the Installation and field level in order to support the Materiel Enterprise and combat readiness of supported units and contingency operations.
  • On its northern face, the plateau falls in terraces to the level of the eastern Sudan.
  • At one point, the project became so demanding that Lucas was diagnosed with hypertension and exhaustion and was warned to reduce his stress level.
  • Although Lee had significant difficulties communicating with his subordinates and could exercise only limited command and control of the vanguard, at unit level the retreat was generally conducted with a discipline that did credit to Steuben's training, and the Americans suffered few casualties.
  • This was because a shot that started at knee level would reveal the weapon of a cowboy, usually holstered at their waist.
  • This results in a violation of Mendel's rules at the level of expression, not transmission, but if the gene expression affects fitness, it can amount to a similar result.
  • Culturally it still has connotations of betrayal, from ‘snitching’ at one level to ‘denunciations’ at the other.
  • there were several communications failures at the federal government level during and after the 9/11 attacks.
  • This is achieved through the use of 'highwalks'—walkways of varying width and shape, usually located 1 to 3 stories above the surrounding ground level.
  • The minimum safe level of gear required to participate in most games includes a pair of ANSI Z87.1 eye protection, preferably a fully sealed APEL-rated ballistic eyewear.
  • 7-litre engine and a new deeper tailgate which extended the rear opening to the level of the bumper – a vast improvement over the original model's high lip.
  • As a program became properly debugged, most of the exception handling could be removed or disabled: this level of control became less important when conversational execution became commonplace.
  • Each round takes place in a different section of Metro City such as the Slums and the Subway, with most rounds featuring more than one level.
  • In January 2016 it was reported that water levels at the dam had dropped to 12% of capacity.
  • above sea level, Lhotse Middle (also known as Lhotse Central I or Lhotse East) at [...] , Lhotse Central II at [...] and Lhotse Shar at [...].
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