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at fault {adj}nicht in Ordnung
at fault {adj} [pred.]falsch [fehlerhaft]
at fault {adj} [pred.] [mistaken]im Irrtum
at fault {adj} [pred.] [responsible]verantwortlich
3 Wörter
to be at faultschuldig sein
to be at faultim Unrecht sein
to be at faultfalschliegen [ugs.]
to be at fault [for an accident]Schuld haben [an einem Unfall usw.]
to be at fault [for an accident]schuld haben [alt] [an einem Unfall usw.]
at-fault accidentselbstverschuldeter Unfall {m}
at-fault party
Schädiger {m}
party at fault
schuldige Partei {f}
4 Wörter
to be at fault for sth.an etw.Dat. schuld sein
to be partially at fault [for an accident]Mitschuld haben [an einem Unfall usw.]
to hold sb. at fault for sth.jdm. die Schuld für etw. geben
to hold sb. partially at fault [for an accident]
jdm. (eine / die) Mitschuld geben [an einem Unfall usw.; meist mit unbestimmtem Artikel, seltener mit bestimmtem oder ohne Artikel]
not-at-fault accidentunverschuldeter Unfall {m}
5+ Wörter
He is at fault for / in doing sth.Es ist seine Schuld, weil er etw. getan hat
to be at fault for / in doing sth.schuld sein, weil man etw. getan hat
to be held (to be) partially at fault [for an accident etc.]
Mitschuld erhalten [an einem Unfall usw.]
to hold oneself at fault for sth.sichDat. (selbst) die Schuld für etw. geben
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  • After that if the person at fault still would not "hear," the matter was to be fully investigated by the church elders, and if not resolved to be then exposed publicly.
  • Douglass later found Stone at fault for speaking at a whites-only Philadelphia lecture hall, but Stone insisted that she had replaced her planned speech that day with an appeal to the audience to boycott the facility.
  • On the other hand, they see the Japanese government as equally at fault because of their complicity.
  • Otherwise both the saluter and the saluted are at fault.
  • Allegedly, mediators attempting to defuse the situation said the OIRA were at fault in both incidents.
  • If a beneficiary is not at fault for an overpayment and cannot afford to pay the money back, they can submit a waiver form (SSA-63BK) to prevent overpayment recovery.
  • In Germany, a legal limit of 0.05% lowers to 0.03% if a driver is found to be at fault in a traffic crash. 0.00% is the standard for those who are under 21 years of age.
  • A score of 7–0 for the team not at fault is recorded (generally one run is awarded for each inning that would have been played).
  • Medical and gynecological textbooks are also at fault in the way that the clitoris is described in comparison to a male's penis.
  • An Israeli inquiry found Israeli forces at fault, but it also concluded that charges could not be brought against any particular individuals.
  • Drivers are at fault in the majority of these crashes.
  • It was later found that the ferry captain was at fault.
  • The supplier and the South African government has been widely criticised for failing to adequately plan for and construct sufficient electrical generating capacity, although ultimately the government has admitted that it was at fault for refusing to approve funding for investment in infrastructure.
  • Adrian's admission that the Roman Curia itself was at fault for the turmoil in the Church was read at the 1522–1523 Diet of Nuremberg.
  • Durst later stated that the promoters of Woodstock '99 were at fault for booking his band due to their reputation for raucous performances.
  • He found all at fault: the man because his heart was not on view to judge his thoughts; the house because it had no wheels so as to avoid troublesome neighbours; and the bull because it did not have eyes in its horns to guide it when charging.
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