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NOUN   an augen gneiss | augen gneisses
augen gneiss
Augengneis {m}
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Übersetzung für 'augen gneiss' von Englisch nach Deutsch

augen gneiss
Augengneis {m}geol.
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  • The Icart Gneiss is an augen gneiss of granitic composition containing potassium feldspar.
  • A metamorphic rock which is clotted with augen is often called an "augen gneiss". A long wall of this augen gneiss can be felt at the Mineral and Lapidary Museum of Western North Carolina.
  • In some of the Blue Ridge occurrences, an epidotized augen gneiss is present exhibiting foliation structures.
  • From a geological point of view the mountain belongs to the "Dora-Maira massif" series, and is mainly composed of gneiss and mica-schists, with lenses of Augen gneiss, dating back to the pre-Triassic era.
  • Foliated intrusive rocks including granite-gneiss, augen gneiss as well as amphibolite and granulite-grade metamorphism on the sequence of metamorphic facies offers evidence about the extent of deformation.
  • The augen gneiss member consists of two belts of fine to medium grained gneiss bearing biotite, microcline, quartz, and plagioclase, with abundant large ovoids (augen) consisting of microcline and/or quartz.
  • The two peaks are typical outcrops of augen gneiss, the same gneiss that forms the steep rock walls of the city.
  • The soil is underlain by Icart Gneiss, an augen gneiss of granitic composition containing potassium feldspar.
  • The regional exhibits include dozens of stone and mineral specimens from North Carolina, and a long wall of local Henderson Augen Gneiss.
  • It lies in the far northeast of the state and has a rocky summit characteristic of the Fichtelgebirge (coarse-grained "Kern Granite" G3 and augen gneiss at the southeast end).
  • It contains several types of bedrock including Bedford Augen Gneiss (an igneous intrusion from the Late Devonian period), Hartland Schist, Precambrian and Cambrian gneiss and quartzite.
  • The mountain is a source of granite as well as of augen gneiss, and rock was quarried for centuries at two points on the mountain above the town; granite from the Rockelmann was used to build the castle, to build St.
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