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NOUN   auscultation | -
Abhören {n}
Auskultation {f}
auscultationBehorchung {f}
2 Wörter
on auscultation {adj} [postpos.]
cardiac auscultation
Herzauskultation {f}
heart auscultation
Herzauskultation {f}
pulmonary auscultation
Lungenauskultation {f}
3 Wörter
auscultation and percussion <A&P>
Auskultation und Perkussion
triangle of auscultation [Trigonum auscultationis]
Auskultationsdreieck {n}
9 Übersetzungen
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  • Jean Barth is remembered for treatises on auscultation that he co-authored with pediatrician Henri-Louis Roger (1809-1891).
  • Lung auscultation can provide useful information.
  • It is a general medical sign detected by auscultation.
  • The triangle of auscultation is useful for assessment using a pulmonary auscultation and thoracic procedures.
  • Among his written works was a treatise on the auscultation of arteries and veins, "Die Auscultation der Arterien und Venen" (1875), and a monograph titled "Handbuch und Atlas der topographischen Percussion" (Handbook and atlas of topographical percussion) (1877).
  • Normal breath sounds are classified as vesicular, bronchovesicular, bronchial or tracheal based on the anatomical location of auscultation.
  • Atelectasis: mild to moderate fever, no changes or mild rales on chest auscultation.
  • Later, in 1826, René Laennec described these features in a more detailed fashion in his seminal work "De l’auscultation médiate ou Traité du Diagnostic des Maladies des Poumon et du Coeur" ("A treatise on the diseases of the chest, and on mediate auscultation").
  • He carried out research on the origins of breath sounds and how these should be interpreted by auscultation.
  • It was recently demonstrated that continuous Doppler enables the auscultation of valvular movements and blood flow sounds that are undetected during cardiac examination with a stethoscope in adults.
  • Mediate auscultation is an antiquated medical term for listening (auscultation) to the internal sounds of the body using an instrument (mediate), usually a stethoscope.
  • Laennec coined the phrase "mediate auscultation" (indirect listening), as opposed to the popular practice at the time of directly placing the ear on the chest (immediate auscultation).
  • As a physician, he developed the accurate observation of the clinical signs of illness, and studied the unaided auscultation of respiratory and cardiac ailments.
  • Computer-aided auscultation (CAA), or computerized assisted auscultation, is a digital form of auscultation.
  • IPPA is a physical examination with four key steps: inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.
  • With pathologist Jean Baptiste Barth (1806-1877), Roger published works on auscultation, including "A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion" and "A Practical Treatise on Auscultation"; both being translated into English by Patrick Newbigging.
  • AVSDs can be detected by cardiac auscultation; they cause atypical murmurs and loud heart tones.
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