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auslander [German for foreigner]Ausländer {m}
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Übersetzung für 'auslander' von Englisch nach Deutsch

auslander [German for foreigner]
Ausländer {m}
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  • She married poet and novelist Joseph Auslander in 1932 and moved to New York City, where he taught at Columbia.
  • Auslander is married to acclaimed American novelist and essayist, Shalom Auslander, and currently resides in California.
  • Professor Mark Auslander's research yields the following timeline (most dates are approximate).
  • The Auslander–Buchsbaum theorem states that every regular local ring is a unique factorization domain.
  • He proved the Auslander–Buchsbaum formula and the Auslander–Buchsbaum theorem.
  • In algebra, Auslander–Reiten theory studies the representation theory of Artinian rings using techniques such as Auslander–Reiten sequences (also called almost split sequences) and Auslander–Reiten quivers.
  • Her work with Maurice Auslander now forms the part of the study of Artinian algebras known as Auslander–Reiten theory.
  • One can define the Auslander–Reiten quiver of a Krull–Schmidt category.
  • The poem contains direct references, or apparent references, to other contemporary works. The oxymoronic image of "black milk" appeared in a poem published in 1939 by Rose Ausländer. Ausländer herself is recorded as saying that this usage by Celan was "self-explanatory, as the poet may take all material to transmute in his own poetry. It's an honour to me that a great poet found a stimulus in my own modest work".
  • In October 1944, Ausländer returned to live in New York. In 1947, her mother died and Ausländer suffered a physical collapse.
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