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awe-struck {adj}ehrfurchtsvoll
awe-struck {adj}von Ehrfurcht ergriffen
awe-struck {adj} [archaic] [terrified]in Schrecken versetzt
awe-struck {adj} [archaic] [terrified]von Schrecken ergriffen
struck with awe {adj} {past-p}von Ehrfurcht ergriffen
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  • And his willingness to use them in farcical routines highlighting the failures of the government delighted millions of awe-struck audiences.
  • When Sohail reveals the truth, he is awe struck.
  • When she arrived at Queen's Park after the election she was awe-struck by the experience.
  • From the right, below the witness, an awe-struck woman staggers towards the center, looking into the blazing light bulb with a blank stare.
  • Kennedy in 1963, Smith also became awe-struck by Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Awe-struck, she gazes into his face, while he explains the message she is to carry to the disciples.
  • He is awe-struck and enchanted again. Minutes later, behind the curtains Nadya learns about Zhora's company being there in the audience.
  • The people are awe struck by this revelation, but soon place a festive headdress on Cipus' head since they cannot allow him to remain in Rome un-honored.
  • Stephen Kent for "CD-ROM Today" said: "This game will not return you to the awe-struck discovery years of your childhood, but it's a fun-filled return to the machines that usually only function in a child’s mind".
  • Examples of the Cataclysmic is a full-length album recorded at Awe Struck Studios in Independence, MO with Larry Gann.
  • ” song, Producer AVM Saravanan praised cinematographer Arthur Wilson for the visualization and asked the whereabouts of the location, was awe struck to know that the location was a set on floors and lit up to look like a real location.
  • He recognizes several people from his magazines and is awe struck by seeing them work.
  • Some time later, Jim and Crystal go to a performance of "Swan Lake", and Crystal is awe-struck by the show; Jim cries tears of joy as he notices her receptiveness.
  • He then portrayed Maria Callas's awe-struck accompanist "Manny", in "Master Class" by Terrence McNally, at the Musical Theatre of Connecticut in 2013, [...] and in Marvell Rep's production of "Henry V".
  • The reduplication "kuikui" 夔夔 means "awe-struck; fearful; grave" (see the "Shujing" below).
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