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before {adv} <b4>zuvor
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Übersetzung für 'b4' von Englisch nach Deutsch

before {adv} <b4>
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  • His name is attached with the Yurdansky Attack in the Two Knights Defense (ECO: C56) 13.b4.
  • Proof game: "1.b4 h5 2.b5 Rh6 3.b6 Rc6 4.bxc7 Rxc2 5.cxb8=Q Rxd2 6.Qd6 Rxd1+ 7.Qxd1" or "1.b4 h5 2.b5 Rh6 3.b6 Rd6 4.bxc7 Rxd2 5.cxb8=B Rxc2 6.Bf4 Rxc1 7.Bxc1". This is the so-called Pronkin theme.
  • They were originally part of the boy band b4-4 that also included Ohad Einbinder.
  • He and his son elaborated and introduced the Loewy Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.f4 Bc5 3.Nf3 d6 4.b4) in the King's Gambit, Declined, Classical Variation 30.
  • Be1 Kc6 2.b4. However, play continued 1. b4? Nb8 2.
  • Themes for White: exploitation of d6 weakness, e4–e5 and c4–c5 breaks, minority attack with ...b2–b4–b5.
  • The idea is to prepare b2-b4 by White, which would make it more difficult for black to achieve his strategic plan of pushing c6-c5.
  • The diagrams on the right demonstrate an instance of this: if the white pawn moves from a2 to a4, the black pawn on b4 can capture it "en passant", moving from b4 to a3 and the white pawn on a4 is removed from the board.
  • The Wing Gambit results in positions similar to those in the Evans Gambit. It can transpose into the Evans Gambit, for instance by 3.b4 Bxb4 4.c3 Ba5 5.Nf3 Nc6.
  • 26. Qxd4+ Kxa5 27. b4+ Ka4 28. Qc3?!
  • Bg2 Bb7, forcing White to lose more time by defending the e4-pawn, since ...b4 is a threat.
  • The Epitome" is printed in Caxton's type 2* with 29 long lines to a full page.  The signatures are b4 c6 d6 e8 f4.  There are no printed signatures, catchwords or pagination.
  • 4.Bd2 is the most common line; the bishop on b4 is now threatened and Black needs to decide what to do about it.
  • Other less common lines include 4...b4, the Advance Variation, leading to [...] games with pseudo-Benoni structures; and the rare 4...Qa5+ which often transposes into an altered Advance Variation with White playing 5.Bd2 and Black responding 5...b4.
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