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baby bag
Babybeutel {m} [portioniertes Blutprodukt in der Transfusionsmedizin]
(baby's) sleeping bagStrampelsack {m}
(baby) changing bagWickeltasche {f}
baby's sleeping bagStrampelsack {m}
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  • Bracelets made of jet beads are traditionally given to newborns to wear as a preventative measure, while elders also recommend securing a bag of blue (dye) to the baby's clothes.
  • Stan is the new baby in the family and is shown in a high chair playing with a ball. His big brother is angry that the baby is throwing food at him and ties him into a laundry bag.
  • Bobby gets to a phone and calls Baby. He tells her they are taking a trip and to pack a bag very quickly, then meet him at the steps of the park.
  • For Super Bowl XLVI, an ad aired featuring a Grandma and a baby attempting to get a bag of Doritos by a slingshot activated by a wheelchair.
  • Charlie reunites the baby with Claire. It is also revealed that Charlie has kept at least one of the statues filled with heroin in his bag. Shannon finds Sayid and they embrace.
  • Wolfe has also performed and recorded with various other bands including Alice Bag, Cool Moms, Dig Yr Grave, Hawnay Troof and its offshoot, Baby Truth.
  • On 20 May 2006, a resident student gave birth to a baby girl on a toilet in Studholme, and threw the dead newborn out of a window in a plastic bag.
  • Examples include "You're Pregnant So I Kicked You in the Stomach", "I Lit Your Baby on Fire" and "Women: Nature's Punching Bag".
  • A under water shot reveals a baby surrounded by blood.
  • "Tha Smokin' Nephew" is the first major label studio album by the rapper Baby Bash and his third album overall.
  • Kusum gets a new job of baby-sitting, but gets fired quickly for losing the baby while buying a toy as she kept the baby in baby-stroller outside the toy shop.
  • Upon tracking his residence, Tatjana is dismayed when a woman holding a baby in her arms states that she is Ruben's wife after saying that she is looking for Ruben.
  • MacDonald hid himself on hearing the voices and the sound of a baby's cry.
  • The boys are just about to steal her television, when they hear the sound of a baby crying.
  • She tells him the baby is actually Tom's, so she's going to find out if they still have a spark.
  • Novalee makes Willy Jack place his hand on her stomach so that he can feel the baby's heartbeat - Willy Jack insists he feels nothing, and continues to treat Novalee and her pregnancy with annoyed indifference.
  • The track ends suddenly with the sound effect of a baby cooing.
  • Consumer Reports recommends soft infant carriers (mei tai or soft structured carriers) and backpack baby carriers over these styles.
  • In this case vaginal delivery may result in dystocia (inability of the baby to exit the pelvis during birth) and liver damage.
  • During the wake of Beanie Babies' success, Beanie Baby-centric publications were issued.
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