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basa fish [Pangasius bocourti]
Schlankwels {m}
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Übersetzung für 'basa' von Englisch nach Deutsch

basa fish [Pangasius bocourti]
Schlankwels {m}fishT
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  • antidumping investigation of frozen tra and basa fillets from Vietnam, the Malaysian and Philippine steel industries in the EU antidumping and antisubsidy investigations on stainless steel fasteners from Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as the Malaysian and Thai plastic industries in the U.S.
  • The term "pangasius" is sometimes used to specifically refer to the commercially important basa fish, "P.
  • When the Basan flaps its wings, an eerie rustling ("basa basa") sound can be heard.
  • as "basa fish".
  • With farms in towns surrounding the city connected by roads and canals, Long Xuyen (and its Quadrilateral Region) serves as a major conduit for producers of a number of commodities, with jasmine rice and basa fish being the two most well-known.
  • Several environmental organisations concerned with marine ecosystems have raised concerns about basa.
  • In 2006, the company also succeeded in developing the morakot fish breed type, which was developed from basa fish.
  • In transliteration from Sanskrit or Pali, bhasa may also be spelled bhasa, basa, or phasa.
  • The word "patxaran" is the Upper Navarrese form of "basaran", from Basque "basa" 'wild' and "aran" 'sloe'.
  • Vietnamese catfish, of the genus "Pangasius", cannot be legally marketed as catfish in the United States, and so is referred to as "swai" or "basa".
  • An example of this is "basa" which becomes "basahin" rather than "basain".
  • , from Thai สวาย "s̄wāy") in the United States, panga (or pangas) in Europe and cream dory and basa in several Asian countries and in the UK.
  • "leka main pemerindang" (for entertaining purposes), "leka main adat basa" (for customary purposes) and "leka main invokasyen" (for invocation purposes).
  • For example, Balinese cuisine includes "basa genep" bumbu, while Minang cuisine includes "pemasak" bumbu.
  • Some Western Javanese dialects such as Banyumasan dialects and Tegal dialect are sometimes referred to as "basa ngapak" by other Javanese.
  • At the time of his death, Moyo had just released his 14th album 'Toita basa'.
  • Lontara script has a traditional ciphered version called "Lontara Bilang-bilang" which is sometimes used specifically to write "basa to bakke’" [...] , a kind of word game, and "élong maliung bettuanna" [...] , riddles that utilizes "basa to bakke’".
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