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NOUN   a basal apparatus | basal apparatuses / basal apparatus
basal apparatus
Basalapparat {m}
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Übersetzung für 'basal apparatus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

basal apparatus
Basalapparat {m}biol.
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  • DACH1 conducts transcriptional function through interacting with transcription factors including c-Jun, estrogen receptor alpha, the androgen receptor, and the basal transcription apparatus through binding to the co-integrator protein CA150.
  • The two basal bodies originate from a subapical pocket, which merges with an adjacent feeding apparatus.
  • He was a constructor of scientific instruments of which several had considerable practical importance, such as the spirometer and the apparatus for measuring basal metabolic rate.
  • Pharyngeal arches are characteristic features of vertebrates whose origin can be traced back through chordates to basal deuterostomes who also share endodermal outpocketings of the pharyngeal apparatus.
  • It’s lure apparatus appears to consist of a fishing rod (the projecting basal bone or pteropterygium), a fishing line (the illicium, a modified dorsal fin ray), bait (the bioluminescent esca), and hooks (large dermal denticles).
  • Myocilin localises in the Golgi apparatus of corneal fibroblasts and Schlemm's canal endothelial cells.
  • The mitotic apparatus is made up of a central spindle and polar asters made up of polymers of tubulin protein called microtubules.
  • This impermeability is due to a highly keratinized cellular membrane synthesized in the Golgi apparatus.
  • Furthermore, the cell has no attachment apparatus (i.e. ...
  • The structure of T3SS is often described as an injectisome or needle/syringe-like apparatus.
  • "Platysulcus" is a gliding biflagellate, with a short anterior flagellum, a long posterior flagellum, and a flagellar apparatus typical of stramenopiles.
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