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NOUN   a basal body | basal bodies
basal body
Basalkörper {m}
basal body
Basalkörperchen {n} [Kinetosom]
basal body temperature
Basaltemperatur {f}
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Übersetzung für 'basal body' von Englisch nach Deutsch

basal body
Basalkörper {m}biol.

Basalkörperchen {n} [Kinetosom]biol.

basal body temperature
Basaltemperatur {f}med.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The basal body of the flagella has been found to be similar to the Type III secretion system (TTSS), a needle-like structure that pathogenic germs such as "Salmonella" and "Yersinia pestis" use to inject toxins into living eukaryote cells.
  • This CSI is a 3 amino acid insert in the flagellar basal body rod protein FlgC which is an important part of the unique endoflagellar structure shared by Spirochaetota species.
  • Females near ovulation experience changes in the cervical mucus, and in their basal body temperature.
  • The kinetoplast is found at the base of a cell's flagella and is associated to the flagellum basal body by a cytoskeletal structure.
  • These arise from a basal body. In some flagellates, flagella direct food into a cytostome or mouth, where food is ingested.
  • The increase in estrogen and progesterone also lead to increased basal body temperature during the luteal phase.
  • The biochemical properties and biological functions of these IFT subunits are just beginning to be elucidated, for example they interact with components of the basal body like CEP170 or proteins which are required for cilium formation like tubulin chaperone and membrane proteins.
  • The basal body was named by Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann in 1880.
  • The gene products encoded by these "BBS" genes, called BBS proteins, are located in the basal body and cilia of the cell.
  • In cells that are destined to have only one primary cilium, the mother centriole differentiates into the basal body upon entry into G1 or quiescence.
  • There is also a transitional helix inside the flagellum where the beating axoneme with its distinctive 9 peripheral couplets and two central microtubules changes into the nine triplet structure of the basal body.
  • Symptoms-based methods involve tracking one or more of the three primary fertility signs: basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position.
  • Cilia and flagella always extend directly from a MTOC, in this case termed the basal body.
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