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NOUN   a basal cell | basal cells
basal cells
Basalzellen {pl}
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basal cells
Basalzellen {pl}biol.
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  • The olfactory neuroepithelium, located in the roof of the nasal chambers, comprises bipolar receptor cells, supporting cells, basal cells, and brush cells.
  • Complex rhizoidal system is absent, however, basal cells are firmly attached to the substratum.
  • It is a roughly 40 nanometre wide electron-lucent zone between the plasma membrane of the basal cells and the (electron-dense) lamina densa of the basement membrane.
  • K5/K14 intermediate filaments are anchored to the desmosomes of basal cells via desmoplakin and plakophilin-1, connecting the cells to their neighbours.
  • The basal cells of the GOC usually has no association to a cancerous origin.
  • The basal cells are an indication of the odontogenic origin as they resemble pre-ameloblasts.
  • Biased differentiation of airway basal cells in the respiratory epithelium, into goblet cells plays a key role in the excessive mucus production, known as mucus hypersecretion seen in many respiratory diseases, including chronic bronchitis, and asthma.
  • The "stratum basale" is a single layer of columnar or cuboidal basal cells.
  • Basal-cell carcinoma is named after the basal cells that form the lowest layer of the epidermis.
  • These basal cells continue to migrate across the wound bed, and epithelial cells above them slide along as well.
  • The lamina lucida appears as a low density clear zone medial to the epithelial basal cells.
  • The resulting vesicle is an intraepidermal cleft located above the basal cells (suprabasal), between the stratum corneum and stratum spinosum.
  • In vertebrates, the olfactory epithelium consists of a three basic cell types: bipolar olfactory receptor neurons; sustentacular cells, a type of supporting cell; and basal cells, the stem cells that continuously give rise to new olfactory receptor neurons and sustentacular cells.
  • The basal cells in the stratum basale of the epidermis connect to the basement membrane by the anchoring filaments of hemidesmosomes; the cells of the papillary layer of the dermis are attached to the basement membrane by anchoring fibrils, which consist of type VII collagen.
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