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to be fed on
gefüttert werden mit
to be fed on liquids
flüssig ernährt werden
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Übersetzung für 'be fed on' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to be fed on
gefüttert werden mitzool.

to be fed on liquids
flüssig ernährt werdenmed.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • These faithless men had even gone so far as to put the Bishop Gaudin to death and left his naked body on the open road so that it would be fed on by the beasts.
  • and needs to be fed on live food. Breeding takes place in spring and summer.
  • In captivity they may be fed on commercial cat and dog food. In captivity the adults can live over a year, but in the wild life is probably much shorter.
  • Larvae can be fed on willow ("Salix"), alder ("Alnus"), hickory ("Carya"), oak, plum, walnut and maple.
  • The fossil also shows no damage by predators so the assumption can be made that the fossils were not moved to the cave to be fed on by predators.
  • In captivity, this species can be fed on a wide range of fruit and vegetables, plain unseasoned mince, or boiled egg.
  • They feed on insects in the wild but in captivity they may be fed on a diet of boiled, dried legumes with egg yolk and raw meat.
  • It can easily be fed on the leaves of bramble. In addition, oak, firethorn, ivy and hazel are also accepted.
  • The griffin is happy to oblige, but he needs to be fed on the way up.
  • They can also be fed on farm and kitchen waste. The birds are resistant to many diseases, an exception being Ranikhet (also called Newcastle disease, is a contagious and highly fatal viral disease caused by paramyxoviruses) disease.
  • They should be fed on various fruits and seeds to simulate their natural diet.
  • The male paratype from Alert Stack was found amongst crustose lichens, suggesting these may also be fed on by larvae.
  • William III of Orange developed a deep aversion to Williamson: quite apart from their opposing policies, he is said to have found the tone of Williamson's dispatches unbearably patronising ("as though I was a child to be fed on whipped cream" William grumbled).
  • In captivity, "Biomphalaria alexandrina" can be fed on boiled leaves of lettuce.
  • A survivor is captured by a human to be fed on by his infected daughter, but is rescued by Tao.
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