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to be feltspürbar sein
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Übersetzung für 'be felt' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to be felt
spürbar sein
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Pain may also be felt as a result of increased hydrogen ions leading to a decrease in blood pH (acidosis) created as a result of anaerobic metabolism.
  • They considered homosexuality curable through therapy, citing modern scientism and the study of sexology, which said that homosexuality could be felt by "normal" people and not just an abnormal minority.
  • The genre places great importance on the bassline, in this case a deep sub-bass musical pattern which can be felt physically through powerful sound systems due to the low-range frequencies favoured.
  • Some of these are similar to normal analog displays, but are constructed so the hands can be felt without damaging them.
  • Even today Korea remains one of the strongest countries in the world for the sport of judo and this cross influence on the art of Korean hapkido to be felt in Hapkido influenced styles such as GongKwon Yusul (공권유술).
  • Minimalist influences continued to be felt from the 60s up to the 90s.
  • The influence of 140 nations can be felt in Linz's culinary offerings.
  • The idea can be stated in the form that due to quantum gravity effects, there is a minimum distance beyond which the force of gravity no longer continues to increase as the distance between the masses becomes shorter, or alternatively that interpenetrating particle waves mask gravitational effects that would be felt at a distance.
  • An exception to this may be made in games with fixed partnerships, in which it may be felt that the partner(s) of the person who broke a rule should also not benefit.
  • He identifies the virtues as what he calls the good emotions "The first group consisting of love, kindness, joy, faith, awe and pity is good" These virtues differ from older accounts of the virtues because they are not character traits expressed by action, but emotions that are to be felt and developed by feeling not acting.
  • Anaxagoras in the mid 5th century BC was the first known philosopher to suggest that the stars were "fiery stones" too far away for their heat to be felt.
  • Having two subwoofers placed around the living room ensures even distribution of bass, reducing subwoofer localization and pressurizing the room with low frequency notes that can be felt, just like the cinemas.
  • Although the pulse can be felt in multiple places in the head, people should not normally hear their heartbeats within the head.
  • David Kehr from "The New York Times" commented that their works now stand as one of the pioneering works whose influence can be felt in European modern filmmaking.
  • The variation in pressure produces a pulse, which can be felt in different areas of the body, such as the radial pulse.
  • Uzbekistan's GDP, like that of all CIS countries, declined during the first years of transition and then recovered after 1995, as the cumulative effect of policy reforms began to be felt.
  • Sometimes TMD pain can radiate or be referred from its cause (i.e. the TMJ or the muscles of mastication) and be felt as headaches, earache or toothache.
  • The dancehall influence can be felt through the use of pre-programmed music, similar to Dancehall "riddims".
  • It is not uncommon in the metro area to have hundreds of these minor quakes (magnitudes 4–6) that can be felt in a single year, something local residents merely brush off but can be a source of anxiety not only for foreign visitors but for Japanese from elsewhere as well.
  • Nevertheless, continental influence can be felt on hot summer days and cold spells in winter, when the temperature can occasionally (but rarely) drop below [...].
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