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to be feudingsich befehden [geh.]
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Übersetzung für 'be feuding' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to be feuding
sich befehden [geh.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In October 2019, Cameron said that sequels to "Terminator: Dark Fate" would further explore the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, while stating that a resolution between the two feuding sides would be the ultimate outcome.
  • As a result of the interference by LOD, Demolition began feuding with Hawk and Animal who would often be joined in six man matches by reigning WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior.
  • Analyst Benedict Carey writing in "The New York Times" claims political analysts tend to agree that government will continue to be divided and marked by paralysis and feuding, there was research suggesting that humans have a "profound capacity through which vicious adversaries can form alliances," according to Berkeley professor Dacher Keltner.
  • Furthermore "feuding was felt to be the result of a dearth of pastimes and [...] illiteracy, historically comparable to features of rural Irish life before the Famine".
  • His "Ogura Hyakunin Isshu" was later thought to be a book of "waka" theory in which all types of ideal "waka" and all techniques were laid out; disputes over specific style and whether to be conservative or liberal that divided his descendants into a number of feuding schools/clans like the Reizei, Kyōgoku, and Nijō.
  • Connolly envisioned the Industrial Workers of the World forming their own political party which would bring together the feuding socialist groups such as the Socialist Labor Party of America and the Socialist Party of America.
  • However the Mackays soon became involved in feuding with the Clan Sutherland and raids on the Rosses did not continue.
  • Clothar was no exception in the line of Merovingians of its history of family feuding.
  • Despising the role assigned her by producer Jack Warner and feuding with director Vidor over her character's portrayal, Davis delivers a startling performance and one of the best of her mid-career.
  • A few months later, with Hogan on leave of absence from the WWF and Savage feuding with DiBiase over the title, DiBiase and André attacked Savage during an interview segment prompting Savage to challenge the two to a tag team match against him and a partner of his choosing, which was accepted.
  • Dooley resigned as Georgia's athletic director in 2004, after feuding with the university's president Michael F.
  • ] feuding over the future divisions of the spoils".
  • During this time there was feuding between the two groups.
  • Claiming that outside those areas controlled by the Sudanese Government, the old practice of intertribal feuding continues.
  • Matches between the two Pacific nations were hard fought; many have claimed that the ancient feuding wars between the Islanders were transplanted onto the rugby field.
  • The term is used flexibly, and can be used to describe a fictionalized version of Historical China (usually using loose influences from across the ~1000 BCE–280 AD period); a setting of feuding martial arts clans and the people of that community; a secret and possibly criminal underworld; a general sense of the "mythic world" where fantastical stories happen; or some combination thereof.
  • Slaughter and Don Kernodle; Steamboat and Youngblood being turned on by their friends Jack and Jerry Brisco; Steamboat in a shocking (and emotional) feud against former mentor McDaniel; and his last great series in the territory, feuding with Tully Blanchard over the NWA TV title.
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