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to be feverishFieber haben
to be feverish with sth. [fig.]vor etw.Dat. fiebern [fig.]
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  • Nafaj spent much of his time in wining in the presence of this prostitute, until he fell seriously sick, feverish and weak to the extent "it could no longer be cured treated".
  • Maier and Hofer also planned the arming and liberation of prisoners of war and Hofer and Caldonazzi distributed feverish drugs to Wehrmacht or SS soldiers who were subjected to a military investigation or who did not want to be drafted into the Wehrmacht.
  • Campos manifests two contrary impulses: on the one hand: a feverish desire to be everything and everyone, declaring that 'in every corner of my soul stands an altar to a different god.' The second impulse is toward a state of isolation and a sense of nothingness.
  • A feverish Samuel needs to be nursed back to health.
  • s Nathan Rabin gave the film a "B−" grade, praising Henson's performance and the "riveting musical numbers" by Knight and Blige for emitting more "feverish emotions" to the film than Perry's "characteristically ham-fisted screenplay", concluding that "His oeuvre has always been shameless and over the top, but "Bad" might just be the first of Perry’s films to border on operatic."
  • Still more challenging was a night-time scene in the Place de l'Opéra which had to be specially lit and filled with people to convey the feverish excitement of waiting for news of Hamelin's flight.
  • By the beginning of the 1980s, the Army's popularity had grown to a feverish pitch.
  • Some historians suggest that the "case stirred up feverish feelings in the islands, and even echoed to the outside world ...
  • Stephen Holden of "The New York Times" wrote that "the film cuts back and forth between scenes of their childhood and adolescence, it evokes their misery and isolation with a feverish intensity that recalls scenes from Hitchcock and De Palma".
  • In a review published in "The Guardian" about the novel, it has been quoted as "a brilliant and believable account, a compelling picture of a child's loneliness and of the brief, feverish excitement when it ends".
  • Manny understood this well, and after an initial probe against the town failed on 9 November, he retired his 3,700 sailors and soldiers to Cadzand and unleashed them on the local population resulting in several days of feverish looting, raping and pillaging of the isolated villages in the manner of a miniature chevauchée.
  • Coots seems intent on creating a feverish dream quality tending more to the minor mode.
  • A symptom is something out of the ordinary that is experienced by an individual such as feeling feverish, a headache or other pain or pains in the body.
  • When nothing happened, the group believed that their devotion convinced God to spare the world and they became even more feverish in proselytizing their belief.
  • A passenger on a banana boat called the "Claire Dodge" at Puerto Pobre, sees a feverish-looking little man.
  • However, the possible references are sparse, veiled and euphemistic: Inspector Morton calls it "feverish feminine friendship" in chapter 13.
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