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to be irrelevant egal sein [ugs.] [unwichtig sein, ohne Bedeutung sein]
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Übersetzung für 'be irrelevant' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to be irrelevant
egal sein [ugs.] [unwichtig sein, ohne Bedeutung sein]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • If the monetary cost of the journey ("p") is considered to be irrelevant for the purposes of the exercise (for example, when comparing different journey options through a public transport network when fares are constant), there is no need to convert the generalised cost to a currency value - instead, it can be left in units of time, as long as all time is equivalent (for example, if all time is converted to in-vehicle time).
  • Justice L'Heureux-Dubé, in dissent, found that the "Code" provision just excluded evidence that would be irrelevant and prejudicial to the integrity and fairness of the trial process.
  • There is a National Labor Court that deals with antiunion discrimination, but it can take more than a year to issue rulings, by which time those rulings may be irrelevant.
  • Thus using the same scenario as above, it would be irrelevant whether the person giving money to charity was doing so out of personal or religious conviction, the mere fact that the charitable donation is being made is sufficient for it to be classified as "morally good".
  • A correct diagnosis may be irrelevant because treatment for the disease is not available, not needed, or not wanted.
  • Also, many Marxists, Kantians, and certain libertarians (such as Robert Nozick), all believe utility to be irrelevant as a moral standard or at least not as important as others such as natural rights.
  • When questioned by the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead (in a context relating to who one's spouse would be if one had been married several times in life), Jesus said that marriage will be irrelevant after the resurrection as the resurrected will be like the angels in heaven.
  • Drange considers the distinction between reasonable (by which Schellenberg means inculpable) and unreasonable (culpable) nonbelief to be irrelevant and confusing.
  • In the face of cheap used clothing, tailors' specialized production may be irrelevant - customers will buy the least expensive clothing available, irrespective of style.
  • The distinction between these two beliefs may be so ambiguous as to be irrelevant, or a meaningful point of division.
  • Certain materials degrade into compounds that are beneficial to cells, although this degradation can also be irrelevant or detrimental.
  • Derrida's method sometimes involves demonstrating that a given philosophical discourse depends on binary oppositions or excluding terms that the discourse itself has declared to be irrelevant or inapplicable.
  • This statement taken by itself would be irrelevant in most situations, so the addressee concludes that the speaker had something more in mind.
  • There can be two ways of accomplishing this: manually (that is, if one is familiar with programming; though it may be irrelevant if the source of the application is closed, and there are no built-in means to adjust its performance) or using another piece of software specialized for that purpose.
  • or simply continuing contact between the insular languages; in either case they would be irrelevant to the genetic classification of Celtic languages.
  • In most miniature wargame systems, the model itself may be irrelevant as far as the rules are concerned; what really matters is the dimensions of the base that the model is mounted on.
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