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to be joined togetherzusammenhängen
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Übersetzung für 'be joined together' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to be joined together
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  • Many multiple unit trains consist of cars which are semi-permanently coupled into sets: these sets may be joined together to form larger trains, but generally passengers can only move around between cars within a set.
  • With twisted-pair Ethernet, electrical segments can be joined together using repeaters or repeater hubs as can other varieties of Ethernet.
  • These points may be joined together forming a shape like a spider.
  • Where supply and extract air is required in equal proportions for a balanced ventilation system, it is common for the supply and extract air handlers to be joined together, either in a "side-by-side" or a "stacked" configuration.
  • However, with HVPLS, the two meshes can essentially be joined together at certain locations.
  • The roots may be joined together directly, or with an epenthetic (linking) vowel to aid pronunciation.
  • An important feature of gauge blocks is that they can be joined together with very little dimensional uncertainty.
  • Wool yarn is often used because short lengths of it can easily be joined together, as the technique intrinsically requires.
  • Two monosaccharides, such as glucose and fructose, can be joined together (to form saccharose) using dehydration synthesis.
  • When a part or component needs to be joined together by welding for virtually any aerospace or defense application, it must meet the most stringent and specific safety regulations and standards.
  • Concourses A and B will be joined together by a long corridor, and expanded in the northern direction, adding 8 gates.
  • Beneventan features many ligatures and "connecting strokes" – the letters of a word could be joined together by a single line, with forms almost unrecognizable to a modern eye.
  • It has been decided that from the start of 2011 many more will be joined together leaving 10 new district boards.
  • In October 1916, it was proposed on 8 November 1916 that the two undamaged 'ends' might be joined together, which was completed at Chatham Royal Dockyard 7 June 1917 by joining the undamaged fore section of "Zulu" and the rear section of "Nubian" respectively.
  • Similarly, Mazzini formulated a concept known as "thought and action" in which thought and action must be joined together and every thought must be followed by action, therefore rejecting intellectualism and the notion of divorcing theory from practice.
  • In geometry a self-replicating tiling is a tiling pattern in which several congruent tiles may be joined together to form a larger tile that is similar to the original.
  • Contigs will then will be joined together to create a scaffold.
  • two or three logograms may be joined together, or a final flick added to represent "the".
  • This does not mean that beam bridges are not used to cross great distances; it only means that a series of beam bridges must be joined together, creating what is known as a continuous span.
  • Two or more nouns may be joined together by the conjunctions "hé" ([...] , "and") or "huò" ([...] "or"); for example "dāo hé chā" ([...] , "knife and fork"), "gǒu huò māo" ([...] , "dog or cat").
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