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sth. is said to be
etw. heißt
sth. is said to be ...
etw. wird ... genannt
to be said to begelten als
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But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life is being demanded of you. And the things you have prepared, whose will they be?' [Lk 12:20; NRSV]
Da sprach Gott zu ihm: Du Narr! Noch in dieser Nacht wird man dein Leben von dir zurückfordern. Wem wird dann all das gehören, was du angehäuft hast? [Lk 12,20; EÜ]
He's said to be a rich man.Er gilt als reicher Mann.
He's said to be ill.Er soll krank sein.
It has something to be said for it.Das hat etwas für sich.
It has to be said that ...Das muss gesagt werden, dass ...
It needs to be said that ...Es muss gesagt werden, dass ...
Sb. is said to be / do sth.Jd. soll etw. sein / tun. [ist / tut angeblich]
The firm is said to be ...Es heißt, die Firma sei ...
There is much to be said for / against it.Vieles spricht dafür / dagegen.
There's much to be said against it.Dagegen lässt sich viel vorbringen.
There's something to be said for that.
Das hat etwas für sich.
to be said to have done sth.(angeblich) etw. getan haben sollen
people / persons said to be deadTotgesagte {pl}
person / man said to be deadTotgesagter {m}
person / woman ... said to be deadTotgesagte {f}
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  • Thus, an Arrhenius acid could also be said to be one that decreases hydroxide concentration, while an Arrhenius base increases it.
  • Levels 1-6 deal with simple call establishment (make call/break call) and are the minimum requirements by which a PBX can be said to be DPNSS compatible.
  • Its basic strength is concentrated in the infantry which in general can be said to be well equipped with combat rifles and combat equipment for soldiers.
  • In this sense, maps can sometimes be said to be biased.
  • This notion attempts to prevent the logical abstraction of the mapping account of pancomputationalism, the idea that everything can be said to be computing everything.
  • Many of the duties of the President of the Czech Republic can be said to be ceremonial to one degree or another, especially since the President has relatively few powers independent of the will of the Prime Minister.
  • Because peptide chains have a directionality conferred by their N-terminus and C-terminus, β-strands too can be said to be directional.
  • According to the International Society for Stem Cell Research, the largest academic organization that advocates for stem cell research, stem cell therapies are under development and cannot yet be said to be proven.
  • Panspermia can be said to be either interstellar (between star systems) or interplanetary (between planets in the same star system).
  • Thus, words that imitate sounds can be said to be onomatopoeic or onomatopoetic.
  • feel that a school not teaching martial aspects somewhere in their syllabus cannot be said to be actually teaching the art itself, that they have accredited themselves prematurely.
  • The formation of the United States can be said to be a partial by-product of these wars, and the strategic trade aims that often ignored North America.
  • The core of the planet Jupiter could be said to be held together by a combination of metallic bonding and high pressure induced by gravity.
  • "The Curse of Monkey Island" was released after what could be said to be the biggest technological change in the gaming industry.
  • Hinduism cannot be said to be purely polytheistic.
  • For this last case, the cohesive fracture can be said to be "cohesive near the interface".
  • But it is only the name that can be said to be specially Valentinian; the personage intended by it corresponds more or less closely with the Yaldabaoth of the Ophites, the great Archon of Basilides, the Elohim of Justinus, etc.
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