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ADJ   bilabiate | more bilabiate | most bilabiate
SYNO bilabiate | two-lipped
bilabiate {adj}
bilabiate {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'bilabiate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bilabiate {adj}

Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • These flowers grow in the axils of the upper leaves and are hermaphrodite, tomentose and bilabiate but lack an upper lip, as all "Teucrium" ones.
  • Bright to sulfur yellow bilabiate (two-lipped) flowers are usually 1.5 – 1.8 centimetres long and arranged into a special type of inflorescence, the so-called spike.
  • It has bilabiate flowers with a yellow lower and a pink upper lip and is likely pollinated by large bees.
  • wide and slightly longer, and are bilabiate. The upper lip of the flower has two erect lobes and the lower lip has three rounded lips.
  • long, with white to green, pink or brown tepals, forming a two-lipped (bilabiate) structure with a hexagonal or rounded hexagonal base.
  • The solid, cancellated shell has a subdiscoidal shape. Its umbilicus is large, with a spiral funiculum. The aperture is not nacreous. The peristome is varicose, reflected and sub-bilabiate.
  • Like other Lamiaceae, its corolla is bilabiate meaning that it has two lips, an upper lip and a lower lip.
  • De Candolle, in subdividing the genus "Pinguicula", included the species in the newly created section "Orcheosanthus" along with other species with purple, deeply bilabiate corollas with 5 sub-equal lobes, a short floral tube, and a large spur not protruding past this tube.
  • The genus name is derived from the word zygomorphic (meaning bilabiate), and the apparent resemblance to some species in the genus "Tritonia".
  • Species in this genus have a bilabiate corolla; with 3 lobes on top and 2 below (as opposed to "Lobelia", which has 2 lobes on top and 3 below).
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