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NOUN   a bilby | bilbies
bilbies [genus Macrotis]
Kaninchennasenbeutler {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'bilbies' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bilbies [genus Macrotis]
Kaninchennasenbeutler {pl}zool.T
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  • By October 2020, the population was thriving so well on Thistle Island that it was possible to trap nine bilbies for relocation to the Arid Recovery Reserve near Roxby Downs, to help boost the gene pool there.
  • These noses make them, along with bilbies, similar in appearance to elephant shrews and extinct leptictids, and they are distantly related to both mammal groups.
  • The lower jaw morphology suggested a relationship with bilbies (Family Thylacomyidae), and was named "Ischnodon australis".
  • In captivity, bilbies typically live for at least six years with some specimens reaching ten years of age. However, wild caught bilbies tend to be less than 12 months old.
  • Modern bilbies have evolved to have long teeth used to dig holes in the desert to eat worms and insects.
  • Feral cats have reduced the populations of bilbies and mulgara.
  • By December 2021, bilbies from breeding programs elsewhere, such as the Charleville Bilby Experience, were being considered for introduction to the enclosure.
  • In October 2020, nine bilbies – four males and five females – were released into the Arid Recovery Reserve, with the aim of increasing the gene pool.
  • feral cats have reduced the populations of bilbies and mulgara.
  • , the Cadbury bilbies were discontinued, resulting in major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths not stocking any chocolate bilbies.
  • holocarpa" germinates readily in pits created by foraging desert animals such as bilbies, echidnas, bettongs and goannas, as well introduced burrowing animals.
  • The "Bilby House" is an exhibit where guests can get up close with the critically endangered bilby marsupial animal. The exhibit is specifically designed for bilbies as it is a semi-nocturnal house.
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