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NOUN   a bilby | bilbies
SYNO bilby | Macrotis lagotis | rabbit-eared bandicoot | ...
bilby [Macrotis ]
Kaninchennasenbeutler {m}
bilby [Macrotis lagotis]
Großer Kaninchennasenbeutler {m}
Easter bilby [Aus.] [bilby made of chocolate, an Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny]
Kaninchennasenbeutler {m} aus Schokolade [australische Alternative zum Osterhasen]
greater bilby [Macrotis lagotis]
Großer Kaninchennasenbeutler {m}
lesser bilby [Macrotis leucura] [extinct]
Kleiner Kaninchennasenbeutler {m} [ausgestorben]
white-tailed bilby [Macrotis leucura] [extinct]
Kleiner Kaninchennasenbeutler {m} [ausgestorben]
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  • The bandicoot is a member of the order Peramelemorphia, and the word "bandicoot" is often used informally to refer to any peramelemorph, such as the bilby.
  • The bilby lineage extends back 15 million years. In 2014 scientists found part of a 15-million-year-old fossilised jaw of a bilby which had shorter teeth that were probably used for eating forest fruit.
  • Mammals include the echidna, brushtail possum, red kangaroo, eastern wallaroo and bilby.
  • The mulga habitat is a refuge for the critical weight range mammals such as "Macrotis lagotis" (greater bilby), "Dasycercus cristicauda" (mulgara) and "dasyurids".
  • The first documented use of the Easter Bilby concept was in March 1968 when a 9-year-old girl Rose-Marie Dusting, wrote a story, "Billy The Aussie Easter Bilby," which she published as a book 11 years later.
  • The decline in numbers of the lesser bilby and ultimately its extinction was attributed to several different factors.
  • Threatened species of fauna include the bilby ("Macrotis lagotis"), great desert skink ("Egernia kintorei"), marsupial mole ("Notoryctes sp."
  • The park is also home to the Macrotis and Greater bilby.
  • A genus known by a single species, "Crash bandicoot" is recognised as an early representative of a peramelid lineage that separated from the Chaeropodidae, a family represented by the modern pig-footed bandicoots "Chaeropus", and Thylacomyidae family of the extant bilby genus "Macrotis".
  • Kaye co-wrote and illustrated the "Easter Bilby" picture book with Ali Garnett, which grew into a series of bilby picture books, including the sequel the "Easter Bilby's Secret" picture book.
  • The "Bilby House" is an exhibit where guests can get up close with the critically endangered bilby marsupial animal. The exhibit is specifically designed for bilbies as it is a semi-nocturnal house.
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