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NOUN   bimetallism | -
bimetallismBimetallismus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'bimetallism' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Bimetallismus {m}
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  • This came at a period of financial difficulties when there were calls to allow both gold and silver coinage to be used as currency, a system called bimetallism.
  • Butmi opposed introduction of gold standard and supported bimetallism in his writings.
  • The Silver Party was a political party in the United States active from 1892 until 1911 and most successful in Nevada which supported a platform of bimetallism and free silver.
  • A conservative, he generally subscribed to the economic theories of John Stuart Mill and opposed bimetallism.
  • His brother, James Taylor (1788–1863), banker of Bakewell in Derbyshire, published a number of articles on bimetallism.
  • Although the act was a near turning point for bimetallism, gold continued to be favored over the bimetallism standard.
  • It would become the most popular advocate of bimetallism in the United States, but this also meant that it received plenty of criticism from gold standard advocates.
  • Samuel Dana Horton (January 16, 1844 – February 23, 1895), American writer on bimetallism, was born in Pomeroy, Ohio.
  • In 1892, he was an American commissioner to the Brussels monetary conference and was a strong supporter of international bimetallism.
  • In 1892, he made an unsuccessful bid for President on a platform of bimetallism, but lost the nomination to Grover Cleveland, his longtime political rival and former running mate.
  • George Walker (1 April 1824 – 15 January 1888) was an attorney and state congressman from Massachusetts, a banker, corporate executive, political adviser, prominent advocate for bimetallism and U.S.
  • A 20th-century variation was bimetallism, also called the "double standard", under which both gold and silver were legal tender.
  • Bimetallism became a center of political conflict toward the end of the 19th century.
  • Barrows wrote on many subjects for the local press, and especially on financial questions, including resumption of specie payment and bimetallism.
  • The LMU effectively adopted bimetallism by allowing unlimited free coinage of gold and silver at the 15.5 to 1 rate used in France, but also began to back away from bimetallism by allowing limited issues of low denomination silver coins struck to a lower standard for government accounts.
  • He was a director of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway and was considered an authority on bimetallism.
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