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bimodal distribution
bimodale Verteilung {f}
bimodal distribution
zweigipflige Verteilung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'bimodal distribution' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bimodal distribution
bimodale Verteilung {f}stat.

zweigipflige Verteilung {f}stat.
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  • Platt's position was that hypertension was a simple disease caused by perhaps just one genetic defect, and he presented evidence of its autosomal dominant inheritance and a bimodal distribution of blood pressures, indicating that hypertensives were a distinct subpopulation in humans.
  • showing extreme prevoicing versus long voice onset times (bimodal distribution) they are better at discriminating these sounds than infants who are exposed primarily to tokens from the center of the continuum (unimodal distribution).
  • from the COMBO-17 survey that clarified the bimodal distribution of red and blue galaxies as seen in analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey data and even in de Vaucouleurs's 1961 analyses of galaxy morphology.
  • In case of a bimodal distribution (seen at right), it is useful to find out why this is the case.
  • DQA1*0102:DQB1*0502 has a bimodal distribution. It is found in the Philippines in high frequency and on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.
  • Two signatures can have different sizes, for example, a bimodal distribution has shorter signature (2 clusters) than complex ones.
  • This volcanic activity has produced rocks that show a bimodal distribution in composition.
  • There is a bimodal distribution with one peak in the second decade and another peak in the third or fourth decade.
  • The time between eruptions has a bimodal distribution, with the mean interval being either 65 or 91 minutes, and is dependent on the length of the prior eruption.
  • Otsu's method performs well when the histogram has a bimodal distribution with a deep and sharp valley between the two peaks.
  • The age of onset shows a bimodal distribution in women, with episodes peaking at 35 and 55 years.
  • these form a bimodal distribution, otherwise it simply has a wide peak.
  • Maye, Weiss, and Aslin found that infants who were exposed to a bimodal distribution of a non-native contrast that was initially difficult to discriminate were better able to discriminate the contrast than infants exposed to a unimodal distribution of the same contrast.
  • The fourth and final tenet of this model states that "each of these inclinations roughly correlates with physical sex, resulting in a bimodal distribution pattern (i.e., two overlapping bell curves) similar to that seen for other gender differences, such as height."
  • In general, as the color distributions of the foreground and background in an image are different, there might be a bimodal distribution in the histogram.
  • In statistics, an inverted bell curve is a term used loosely or metaphorically to refer to a bimodal distribution that falls to a trough between two peaks, rather than (as in a standard bell curve) rising to a single peak and then falling off on both sides.
  • Femoral shaft fractures occur in a bimodal distribution, whereby they are most commonly seen in males age 15-24 (due to high energy trauma) and females aged 75 or older (pathologic fractures due to osteoporosis, low-energy falls).
  • Early scholarly studies in 2004 indicated that TCP traffic in particular exhibits a bimodal distribution with spikes around minimum-sized packets (less than 100 bytes) and Ethernet MTU (more than 1400 bytes).
  • Routley & Husband (2003) examined the influence of inflorescence size on this siring advantage and found a bimodal distribution with increased siring success with both small and large display sizes.
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