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blind glassblindes Glas {n}
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Übersetzung für 'blind glass' von Englisch nach Deutsch

blind glass
blindes Glas {n}
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  • If the player puts too much lemonade or soda in the glass and spills some out of the glass, then one of the characters may ask the player "Are you blind?
  • She studied medicine while also pursuing theatre, playing the blind girl in a school production of "Through a Glass Darkly", a role in which she said she had been "terrible".
  • In "Robin and Marian" (1976), a film directed by Richard Lester, he played a blind old man who defies Richard I of England. For the role, Knight removed his glass eye.
  • "Imaginations Through the Looking Glass" is the first video album by German power metal band Blind Guardian.
  • This, in combination with a steeply sloping front windscreen and glass upper-door/roof panels (a total of six separate glass pieces overall), gives the Sera its distinctive canopy and provides expansive visibility, although the thick B-pillar create a significant blind spot, especially on the driver's side.
  • Also known as a louvered window, the jalousie window consists of parallel slats of glass or acrylic that open and close like a Venetian blind, usually using a crank or a lever.
  • After the beginning of the war, the aircraft was redesigned as a trainer aircraft with a full "stepless" glass cockpit, as had been initiated with the He 111P in early 1938, with no separate flat windscreen for the pilot (much as almost all German bomber aircraft of the time were being designed), which seemed to be better for blind flying in the Si 204's case.
  • The 2018 Expedition Limited has power adjustable heated mirrors with memory capability, security approach lamps, integrated blind spot mirrors, a solar-tinted windshield and front door windows, and second and third-row privacy glass, and lower bodyside cladding and wheel lip moldings.
  • In 1994, the Vista underwent a redesign of its forward body; to eliminate several blind spots, the side window was enlarged (adopting a single piece of glass) and the windshield was changed to a wraparound, four-piece configuration.
  • Ramos suffered from diabetes, which caused him to go blind.
  • Transmission of solar heat was restricted to only six per cent, eliminating the need for a sun blind.
  • The reduction of glare eliminates the temporary blind spot caused by the Troxler effect after the glare source leaves the field of view.
  • The Jimny has large windows, giving excellent visibility, apart from a rather serious blind spot caused by the oversized "B" pillar.
  • One opening on the north elevation has been bricked up and there are some "blind" openings to the entrance way and to the western building on the north elevation.
  • Her parents met on a blind date at a snowmobile event in the 1970s when Flaten was a mechanic for a friend's snowmobile.
  • The richly decorated pulpit and the colourful wooden altar piece, dating back to 1897, were the work of Wilhelm Peters and represents Jesus healing the blind man.
  • It frequently covered the façades, and the interior walls of the nave and choir were covered with blind arcades.
  • This created a unique appearance at the rear of the greenhouse, but tended to collect snow and created thick C-pillars that looked formal but created blind spots for drivers.
  • Thomas Knight maintained that the jury process was color blind.
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