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blind in one eye {adj}auf einem Auge blind
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Übersetzung für 'blind in one eye' von Englisch nach Deutsch

blind in one eye {adj}
auf einem Auge blind
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Pollard, who had not seen Rosemont over his shoulder until too late, was blind in one eye due to an accident during a training ride, a fact he had hidden throughout his career.
  • Edward Gossett was born on January 15, 1930, in Dayton, Tennessee, blind in one eye.
  • By the time of "Bergerac" Alexander was blind in one eye due to a condition of the retina, which seriously threatened his sight in the other eye.
  • She also revealed that she had osteoporosis and was blind in one eye.
  • Mary Abigail Dodge was born March 31, 1833, in Hamilton, Massachusetts. She was born on a farm, the seventh child of Hannah and James Dodge. A childhood accident left her blind in one eye.
  • When still a child, a shot fired from a toy cannon left him blind in one eye, and unable to sustain his concentration when painting large works for exhibition at the Royal Academy.
  • Hall attempted to enlist in 1917, but was rejected as medically unfit, because he had been born blind in one eye.
  • Giles was rejected for war service for being blind in one eye and deaf in one ear following a motorcycle accident, but made animated shorts for the Ministry of Information, while some of his cartoons were reprinted in poster form for the Railway Executive Committee and others.
  • Ries feared conscription in the occupying French army (though he was blind in one eye) and so he fled Vienna in September 1805.
  • There aren't any known surviving portraits of Aske. All that is known of his physical appearance is that he was blind in one eye.
  • After his retirement Futabayama revealed he was actually blind in one eye, due to an injury suffered in his youth, making his achievements even more remarkable.
  • She opined that the bureaucrats would use a comparative effectiveness formula, which, in the United Kingdom, had resulted in a requirement that senior citizens go blind in one eye before the government would pay for a treatment to save the sight in the other eye.
  • Renko's love interest, Irina, was likewise revealed to have been institutionalized for similarly false "psychiatric problems" and forcibly treated at some earlier time, resulting in a tumor that left her with a severe facial blemish and blind in one eye.
  • Martin contracted polio in 1907, which left him permanently blind in one eye and with a severely weakened left arm.
  • In 1947, due to a combination of glaucoma and detachment of a retina Henry Gilman became blind in one eye and lost most of his vision in the other.
  • Mosby was forced to retire from his Justice Department post at age 76, under the William Howard Taft administration. Blind in one eye and cantankerous, he spent his final years in Washington, D.C., living in a boardinghouse and watched over by his remaining daughters to the extent he would let them or others.
  • In October 1976, Foot became blind in one eye following an attack of shingles.
  • Despite being blind in one eye, he joined the Navy during World War II as a press relations officer, and rejoined B&K afterwards.
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