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blindingly {adv}blendend
It is blindingly obvious. [idiom]Das sieht doch ein Blinder. [ugs.] [Redewendung]
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  • Frequently it is presented as a simple but blindingly fast kick, in which the upper body, head and arms remain stationary whilst the kick is performed leaving the opponent unaware of the incoming strike until after it has been performed.
  • On 16 October 2022, he became the first Conservative MP to publicly call for Liz Truss to resign, calling it 'blindingly obvious' that she must go.
  • It is crucial to avoid blindingly sweeping the airway unless there is direct visualization of the airway - in fact, these procedures are advised only to be performed in more controlled environments such as an operating room.
  • When the BBC axed the programme in 2019, Halligan said the corporation had made a "blindingly obvious mistake".
  • At first glance this wave travel might seem to be blindingly fast and not very significant but a few calculations show the opposite is true.
  • {He couldn’t} remember much, but {he did} recall that {his} surroundings turned blindingly white…Then, pitch darkness.
  • A "National Times" headline in 1972 declared, "For women, a work that will make things suddenly and blindingly clear", celebrating a play that "will put up Hewett's name in lights along with Greer."
  • The music video for "Queendom" is set in a "blindingly vibrant" "Alice In Wonderland"-esque world with a series of magical corridors taking Red Velvet across different realms.
  • He called the game's shooting mechanics "bland", criticizing slow character control despite the "blindingly fast" movement and weak-feeling guns.
  • "Ringa Linga" was chosen by "Dazed" as the fifth best K-pop song of 2013, with Taylor Glasby commenting that this single shed "the sweet, somewhat hapless guise of his previous singles", writing that Taeyang's "blindingly" confidence made "this unapologetic dancefloor monster" "meth-level addictive."
  • In 2009 the first WX10 hit the track and was blindingly fast.
  • "Geeks of Doom" reviewed the film, stating that they were "instantly intrigued by its darkness shot through with cool music, nifty graphics, and well-placed blindingly bright lights."
  • A laser pointer has very low luminous flux (it could not illuminate a room) but is blindingly bright in one direction (high luminous intensity in that direction).
  • Stevens' harmonica style was described by one reviewer as "multivoiced and blindingly fast".
  • However, he praised Smith for being "on blindingly good form" while portraying the Doctor's quirkier traits, considered that Gillan and Darvill were "fast becoming the most likeable companion couple in "Doctor Who" history", and said Jones was "a lot of fun to watch" despite not seeming to be completely the Doctor's dark side.
  • The "commercials" feature many parodies of current TV adverts and other running jokes, including conversations between housewives Mary (Fenton Stevens putting on a high-pitched voice) and June (Atkinson-Wood); goods and services of dubious legality offered by "Honest Ron – the others are a con" (Stevens); and "blindingly obvious" patronising public service announcements ("Do not throw boiling water over a child").
  • Emma Johnston of "Team Rock" gave a mixed review describing comparisons to Tori Amos as “blindingly inevitable” while calling Semkina’s voice “clear, thrilling [...] theatrical”.
  • This is a semi-desert area; it can get blindingly hot during the day, followed by nights in which the temperature plummets.
  • With the arrival of "Off the Wall" in the late 1970s, Jackson's abilities as a vocalist were well regarded; AllMusic writer Stephen Thomas Erlewine described him as a "blindingly gifted vocalist".
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