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NOUN   border warfare | -
border warfare Grenzkrieg {m} [kriegerische Handlungen an der Grenze]
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Übersetzung für 'border warfare' von Englisch nach Deutsch

border warfare
Grenzkrieg {m} [kriegerische Handlungen an der Grenze]
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  • Donnchad had subdued Brega in 778 and the annals do not mention whether this campaign versus the Uí Garrchon was part of Donnchad's campaign or an act of defiance by the men of Brega or simply a border warfare with no connection.
  • The Douglas family had built its reputation on border warfare with the English, but this conflict had declined from the 1380s.
  • In 1736 Ogle dispatched Dulany to Philadelphia in order to negotiate the release of a number of imprisoned Marylanders, though without success, and the border warfare continued.
  • The tactical success of the raids led to the establishment of a very unstable balance of threat, which essentially left Israel in a state of border warfare.
  • By contrast, the British and Indian troops were experienced veterans of mountainous border warfare on the North-West Frontier, as was their commanding officer.
  • Its fortifications were increased in response to the border warfare which raged between England and Scotland in the period from about 1300 to 1600.
  • In 1783, the Revolutionary War ended, which also brought at least a temporary cessation of border warfare.
  • The Anti Horse Thief Association was a vigilance committee, organized at Fort Scott, Kansas, in 1859 to provide protection against marauders thriving on border warfare.
  • An expedition by Colonel John Williams the following year destroyed hundreds of Seminole villages and captured numerous horses and cattle. Border warfare between the Seminole and Georgia settlers contributed to US involvement in the Creek War of 1813-1814.
  • The area around the Glen was the setting for some of the bloodiest border warfare between Scotland and England.
  • Brought up with his elder brother (1528–1572), he took part as a youth in border warfare, and on Queen Mary's accession was appointed governor of Tynemouth Castle.
  • Sir George Bowes (1517–1545) was an English commander in border warfare. He was knighted for his services during the Burning of Edinburgh (1544).
  • Godscroft pictured the marriage as an epitome of the union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland, writing that Mary Dudley's hand now restored the houses and castles formerly destroyed in border warfare.
  • The castle and town of Bonjedworth suffered their full share of the miseries of border warfare.
  • was a famed Muslim military commander of the mid-9th century, involved in the border warfare with the Byzantine Empire.
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