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NOUN   a border zone | border zones
border zoneRandzone {f}
border zoneGrenzzone {f}
boundary / border zone infarction <BZI>
Endstrominfarkt {m} [Hirninfarkt im Endstromgebiet, «letzte Wiesen»]
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  • The situation for the Ingrian Finns deteriorated further when in the fall of 1934 the Forbidden Border Zone along the western border of the Soviet Union was established, where entrance was forbidden without special permission issued by the NKVD.
  • Records begin with the four centuries during which the region formed a militarized border zone of the Roman Empire.
  • During the period June to December 1980 the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) recorded an increase in activities along the border zone.
  • After the decisive battle against the Ottomans at Senta led by Prince Eugene of Savoy on 11 September 1697, Subotica became part of the military border zone Theiss-Mieresch established by the Habsburg monarchy.
  • Since 2008, one is required to apply for a special border zone permit in order to be allowed into the area (if travelling independently without using an agency).
  • Several sites are situated within the border zone, making access for excavations problematic.
  • San Francisco falls under the USDA 10b Plant hardiness zone, though some areas, particularly downtown, border zone 11a.
  • Improvements were also made in income and work conditions for home workers, accident insurance was extended to non-working adults, and the Border Zone Assistance Act (1971) increased levels of assistance to the declining zonal peripheral area.
  • In January 2000, Sudan withdrew its forces from the area, effectively ceding control of the border zone to Egypt, whose forces have occupied and administered the area since.
  • The seal around the country was expanded in July 1962 when the GDR declared its entire Baltic coast a border zone subject to closures and restrictions.
  • The region boasts high biodiversity, as the river forms a clear border zone between the northern and southern flora and fauna of Northern Europe.
  • The Border Guard is responsible for enforcing the 3–5 km border zone towards Russia and issues the permits to visit the zone.
  • Under his leadership, the Teamsters ended a federal program that allowed Mexican truckers to haul goods beyond the border zone in the United States.
  • Due to restrictions, the entire Sakhalin Oblast and its internal and territorial waters except for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk are considered to be a border zone, which means that the freedom of movement for foreigners is dramatically restricted and any movement outside of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk requires registration to the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Border Guard.
  • 'resident of outskirts, border zone' (cf. "Antes") → Proto-Permic * [...] → Udmurt [...].
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