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NOUN   bremsstrahlung | -
bremsstrahlung [ANSI]
Bremsstrahlung {f} [IEC 60050]
2 Wörter
bremsstrahlung spectrum
Bremsstrahlenspektrum {n}
bremsstrahlung spectrum
Bremsstrahlungs­spektrum {n}
continuous bremsstrahlung
kontinuierliche Bremsstrahlung {f} [weiße Strahlung]
3 Wörter
bremsstrahlung isochromat spectroscopy <BIS>
Bremsstrahlungs­isochromatenspektroskopie {f} <BIS>
4 Wörter
hard X-ray bremsstrahlung
harte Röntgenbremsstrahlung {f}
soft X-ray bremsstrahlung
weiche Röntgenbremsstrahlung {f}
ultrahard X-ray bremsstrahlung
ultraharte Röntgenbremsstrahlung {f}
5+ Wörter
energy loss {sg} by emission of bremsstrahlung
Bremsstrahlungs­verluste {pl}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • 90Y can be imaged using bremsstrahlung SPECT and positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Lev Landau and Isaak Pomeranchuk showed that the formulas for bremsstrahlung and pair creation in matter which had been formulated by Hans Bethe and Walter Heitler (the Bethe–Heitler formula) were inapplicable at high energy or high matter density.
  • The "conventional Q1/fE" represents 1/f fluctuations caused by bremsstrahlung, decoherence and interference in the scattering of charged particles off one another, in tunneling or in any other process in solid state physics and in general.
  • In most fusion plasmas, bremsstrahlung radiation is a major energy loss channel.
  • It is worth noting that the term "polarizational" is not meant to imply that the emitted bremsstrahlung is polarized.
  • When passing through matter, a beta particle is decelerated by electromagnetic interactions and may give off bremsstrahlung x-rays.
  • The X-ray photon-generating effect is generally called the bremsstrahlung effect, a compound of the German "bremsen" meaning to brake, and "Strahlung" meaning radiation.
  • The ionization in the cathode dark space results in a high electron density, but slower electrons, making it easier for the electrons to recombine with positive ions, leading to intense light, through a process called bremsstrahlung radiation.
  • High-energy X-rays (produced by "bremsstrahlung") allow irradiation of large packages and pallet loads of medical devices.
  • This gamma ray may be thought of as an "internal bremsstrahlung" that arises from the electromagnetic interaction of the emitted beta particle with the proton.
  • Some vacuum tubes present in microwave installations tend to generate bremsstrahlung x-rays. Magnetrons and especially hydrogen thyratrons tend to be the worst offenders.
  • Due to their greater mass, muons accelerate more slowly than electrons in electromagnetic fields, and emit less bremsstrahlung (deceleration radiation).
  • Technology and engineering have also provided Germanisms, as in the English "bremsstrahlung" (a form of electromagnetic radiation), or the French "schnorchel" (literally, "submarine snorkel," a type of air-intake device for submarine engines).
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