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NOUN   a buzzword | buzzwords
SYNO buzzword | cant
buzzwordModewort {n}
buzzwordBuzzword {n}
buzzword [stock phrase]leeres Schlagwort {n}
buzzword [stock phrase](abgedroschene) Phrase {f}
buzzword quotient <BWQ> Modewort-Quotient {m} [Anzahl von "In-Wörtern" in Text]
buzzword of the ninetiesModewort {n} der neunziger Jahre
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  • Instances of companies adopting an unimaginative buzzword by claiming to provide 'solutions' where a simpler phrasing would seem more appropriate, such as describing cardboard boxes as "Christmas Ornament Storage Solutions".
  • Buzzword bingo is generally played in situations where audience members feel that the speaker is relying too heavily on buzzwords or jargon rather than providing relevant details or clarity.
  • Enterprise content integration (ECI) is a marketing buzzword for middleware software technology, often used within large organizations, that connects together various types of computer systems that manage documents and digital content.
  • Capacity building has been called a buzzword within development which comes with a heavy normative load but little critical interrogation and appropriate review.
  • It was named by "The New York Times" as a buzzword of 2008. The idea of futarchy was later introduced in the context of blockchains and the DAO bringing it closer to an actual implementation.
  • Philip Mendes, a professor at Monash University, has criticized the phrase as a buzzword and a jibe that demonizes the State of Israel.
  • The phrase "shūkyō nisei" has entered 2022 top 10 buzzword list in Japan, along with "kokusōgi" (国葬儀) which refers to Shinzo Abe's state funeral.
  • In Germany the word Putinversteher (female form Putinversteherin) is a neologism and a political buzzword ("Putin" + "verstehen"), which literally translates "Putin understander", i.e., "one who understands Putin".
  • A political buzzword is a short excerpt from a speech or a brief public quote, intended to mark the spirits and be repeated in the media.
  • A typical application of the principles of data worth is found in surveillance capitalism. The methodology for processing such mass data is usually summarized in the buzzword 'big data'.
  • In South Korea, the buzzword "kideolteu" was used in 2015, highlighting the market trend of increasing toy sales (such as drones and "electric wheels") to adults.
  • The relationship of VNA to storage of medical images in the cloud is also nebulous, though offers high potential for buzzword compliance, and Michael Gray provides some clarity in his paper commissioned by EMC.
  • Many people treat "mechatronics" as a modern buzzword synonymous with automation, robotics and electromechanical engineering.
  • The [...] is a Japanese buzzword used mainly on the Internet to refer to privileged people who are apart from commoners.
  • ... "Neologism-Buzzword Prize") with Jiro Shinbo for creating the buzzword neologism [...] in response to the losing streak of the Hanshin Tigers during that time period.
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