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cadastral {adj}
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cadastral acreKatastraljoch {n}
cadastral community
Katastralgemeinde {f} [österr.]
cadastral district
Flur {f}
cadastral district
Katasterbezirk {m}
cadastral mapFlurkarte {f} [Liegenschaftswesen]
cadastral map
Gemarkungs­karte {f}
cadastral planFlurkarte {f} [Liegenschaftswesen]
cadastral planKatasterkarte {f} [Liegenschaftswesen]
cadastral surveyKatastervermessung {f}
cadastral value
Katasterwert {m}
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  • Many cadastral names in Beuren are of mediaeval or even later origin.
  • Cadastral areas coincide with boroughs, except in two cases: Nové Mesto is further divided into the Nové Mesto and Vinohrady cadastral areas and Ružinov is divided into Ružinov, Nivy and Trnávka.
  • It was created from the whole cadastral area of four villages (Blažov, Dvorce, Ruskinovce, Ľubické Kúpeľe) and from partial cadastral area of another 22 villages.
  • Cadastral documentation comprises the documentary materials submitted to cadastre or land administration offices for renewal of cadastral recordings.
  • Many nations devolve this authority to regional entities or states/provinces. Cadastral surveys tend to be the most regulated because of the permanence of the work.
  • There are no other cadastral communities than Rohr im Gebirge.
  • The municipality is composed of three localities and cadastral communities, namely Bad Vöslau (cadastral community: Vöslau), Gainfarn, and Großau.
  • Horní Měcholupy (...) is a cadastral area in Prague.
  • Hostivař (...) is a cadastral area in southern Prague.
  • A 'cadastre' or "cadastral map" is a topographic map of Scotland with the title boundaries of all properties registered in the Land Register.
  • Miškovice is a cadastral area in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Cadastral data is provided by the office, with the Territorial Agency, to individual persons only to obtain the cadastral data of properties from a website.
  • Adjacent Volcanic Edifices are Alto Peak which is 6.2 cadastral km NNW of Cancajanag, and Lobi which is 6.6 cadastral km SSE of Cancajanag.
  • When municipalities are merged, often the cadastral communes remain as they were, so one civil municipality can consist of more than one cadastral commune; but again, a cadastral commune can never be part of more than one civil municipality.
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