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californium isotope
Kaliforniumisotop {n} [auch: Kalifornium-Isotop]
californium isotope
Californiumisotop {n} [auch: Californium-Isotop] [fachspr.]
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  • The most common spontaneous fission source is the isotope californium-252.
  • One possible source of neutrons is spontaneous fission from a radioactive isotope, most commonly californium-252.
  • Elements 114 to 118 (flerovium through oganesson) were discovered in "hot fusion" reactions bombarding the actinides plutonium through californium with calcium-48, a quasi-stable neutron-rich isotope which could be used as a projectile to produce more neutron-rich isotopes of superheavy elements.
  • obtained the first isotope of lawrencium by irradiating californium (mostly californium-252) with boron-10 and boron-11 ions.
  • Although HFIR's main mission is now neutron scattering research, one of its original primary purposes was the production of californium-252 and other transuranium isotopes for research, industrial, and medical applications.
  • Californium (98Cf) is an artificial element, and thus a standard atomic weight cannot be given.
  • It decays with a half-life of 330 days to californium-249, which is a strong emitter of ionizing alpha particles.
  • In 1961, Berkeley scientists claimed the discovery of element 103 in the reaction of californium with boron and carbon ions.
  • The two most important isotopes, 256Lr and 260Lr, can be respectively produced by bombarding californium-249 with 70 MeV boron-11 ions (producing lawrencium-256 and four neutrons) and by bombarding berkelium-249 with oxygen-18 (producing lawrencium-260, an alpha particle, and three neutrons).
  • Two crystalline forms exist for californium at normal pressure: one above and one below [...].
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