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VERB   to cant | canted | canted
canting | cants
canting {adj}scheinheilig
canting {adj} {pres-p}heuchelnd
canting {adj} {pres-p}kippend
more canting {adj}scheinheiliger
most canting {adj}scheinheiligste
canting arms {pl}
Namenwappen {n}
canting arms {pl}
redendes Wappen {n}
canting arms {pl}
sprechendes Wappen {n}
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  • In 2004 a precision-formed yacht keel division was set up to make the Maximus canting keel.
  • It has a canting coat-of-arms: the Cross of Saint George.
  • The elk's attire (that is, antler) is a canting charge for the German word "Elch", meaning “(Eurasian) elk” (that is to say, “moose”), which is taken to be the source of the first syllable in the village's name (the "Weiler" part means “hamlet”, but there is no canting charge for that).
  • The lime tree, or linden ("Linde" in German) is a canting charge for the municipality's name, Lindenberg.
  • The main achievement on Strachan coats of arms are a stag, and therefore, would be referred to as canting arms.
  • It uses a canting keel which is capable of canting transversely up to an angle of 40 degrees.
  • These canting arms appear similar to those of the Van Uye family of Zeeland, to whom the Uys family are not related.
  • European heraldry contains the technique of canting arms, which can be considered punning.
  • The size of "canting" may be varied according to the desired dot size or line thickness to be applied to the cloth. A batik craftsperson uses "canting" in a similar fashion as drawing using a pen.
  • Dr. John Man was a Protestant cleric, who called the pope in public a canting little monk.
  • CBTF Technology is the patent holder of canting keel technology used in the design of some notable racing yachts in recent years, including "Wild Oats XI" and "Alfa Romeo".
  • The upper charge is canting for the municipality's name, Salm, which is also a German word for salmon (although the usual one is "Lachse"); the canting might help clear the mysterious toponymy of the town, which has been theorized to be from a Pre-Indo-European root "*Sal(m)-" seen through much of Europe (see Old European hydronymy).
  • The boat has a maximum draft of [...] with the canting bulb down.
  • This is an example of canting with the trees [...] and the church [...] symbolizing the municipal name.
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