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SYNO caustically | vitriolically
caustically {adv}bissig [fig.]
caustically {adv} [ironically, critically]ätzend [fig.]
caustically {adv}kaustisch
caustically {adv}in bissigem Ton
caustically {adv}in ätzendem Ton
caustically {adv}beißend [fig.]
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  • Bone was one of several veterans in the Hearts team and as a result the side was caustically dubbed Dad's Army.
  • In his poems, he caustically criticized the regime of Sultan Abdul-Hamid and Mohammed Ali Shah.
  • In 2009, he was in the ensemble cast of John Krasinski's adaptation of "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men" playing the son of a toilet attendant who caustically recounts his father's experiences in one of the titular monologues.
  • Theodore Sturgeon rather caustically dismissed the series in 1971, saying: "I find nothing admirable or amusing about lies and double-dealing ...
  • In 2006, Keating acknowledged his error in a piece entitled "Call off the dogs: I'm no longer in league with the devil" in which he described Moran's critique as 'caustically despairing'.
  • Polish economist Michał Kalecki emphasized the centrality of the distinction of stocks and flows, caustically calling economics "the science of confusing stocks with flows" in his critique of the quantity theory of money (circa 1936, frequently quoted by Joan Robinson).
  • In an article for Vice Media, Niloufar Haidari described his music as "caustically witty bars over abrasive beats that blend grime, trap, Soundcloud rap and even punk and screamo".
  • 6: At dinner Die comments caustically on five of her surviving cousins and tells him that the sixth, Rashleigh, is to leave home for a career with Osbaldistone and Tresham.
  • Turbopumps in rockets are important and problematic enough that launch vehicles using one have been caustically described as a "turbopump with a rocket attached"–up to 55% of the total cost has been ascribed to this area.
  • The deactivated mixture is scrubbed with water and diluted caustically to remove the chlorine and residual carbonyl.
  • "Yer So Bad" was named one of Petty's 50 best songs by "Rolling Stone" magazine, calling it "Petty at his most caustically hilarious".
  • Playing on the film's title meaning red lotus, Kanthan of "Kalki" caustically called it "Kakidha Poo" (paper flower).
  • Sir Henry Sidney, the Lord Deputy of Ireland wrote to Elizabeth I caustically in 1567 about the state of the Exchequer of Ireland as a result of Bathe's infirmity: "God knoweth how your revenues and finances are there ordered".
  • Russell caustically renounced avant-garde abstraction in a Symposium on the Human Figure in 1953.
  • In the 2020 film "Falling" which was written, directed and played in by Viggo Mortensen, Gudnason plays the role of the caustically misogynist father as a difficult young family man in the flashback scenes.
  • At Bedford Byng lifted the lid of a damson tart and decided not to have any of it – plastering it down "for the next comer", and adding caustically that "it was not the first time of the lids being removed".
  • The role of women in society was, for the historical era, relatively unconstrained; Spanish and Italian visitors to England commented regularly, and sometimes caustically, on the freedom that women enjoyed in England, in contrast to their home cultures.
  • "Neengal Kettavai" was released on 28 June 1984. "Kalki" caustically commented, "Balu Mahendra, idhaiyaa kettom?" (Balu Mahendra, did we ask for [...] ?).
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