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NOUN   a cervical canal | cervical canals
SYNO canalis cervicis uteri | cervical canal
cervical canal
Gebärmutterhalskanal {m}
cervical canal (of uterus) [Canalis cervicis uteri]
Zervikalkanal {m} [auch: Cervicalkanal]
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  • Sperm can be found in the cervical canal seconds after ejaculation, regardless of coital position.
  • Uterine sounding may be used to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus in order to decrease the risk of uterine perforation.
  • Symptoms depend on whether the cervical canal is partially or completely obstructed and on the patient's menopausal status.
  • These sounds are intended for probing a woman's uterus through the cervix, to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus.
  • Its presence in a fetal skull, along with other cranial sutures and fontanelles, provides a malleability to the skull that can facilitate movement of the head through the cervical canal and vagina during delivery.
  • The leading hypotheses for its mechanisms were that it could help keep the cervix closed similarly to the cerclage, as well as change the inclination of the cervical canal so that the pregnancy weight is not directly above the internal os.
  • The cervical canal is a passage through which sperm must travel to fertilize an egg cell after sexual intercourse.
  • The mucus is aspirated from cervical canal and spread on a glass slide.
  • There are 2 types of epithelial cells present within the cervical canal.
  • It is uncertain whether the use of mechanical closure of the cervical canal following embryo transfer has any effect.
  • The fetal skull is usually the largest part of the fetal body and its removal may require mechanical collapse if it is too large to fit through the cervical canal.
  • The sperm cell acquires a "hyperactive motility pattern" by which its flagellum produces vigorous whip-like movements that propel the sperm through the cervical canal and uterine cavity until it reaches the isthmus of the fallopian tube.
  • A cervical polyp is a common benign polyp or tumor on the surface of the cervical canal. They can cause irregular menstrual bleeding or increased pain but often show no symptoms.
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