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NOUN   cesarean | cesareans
SYNO caesarean | caesarian | cesarean | ...
Cesarean (section) [Am.]
Kaiserschnitt {m}
cesarean (section) [Am.] <C-section> [Sectio caesarea]
Sektio {f} [Kaiserschnitt]
Cesarean delivery [Am.]
Kaiserschnittgeburt {f}
cesarean section <C-section> [Am.]
Schnittentbindung {f}
to be born by Cesarean [Am.]
durch Kaiserschnitt geboren
vaginal birth after cesarean [Am.] <VBAC>
vaginale Geburt {f} nach einem Kaiserschnitt
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  • It is best practice to limit the amount of interventions that occur during labour and delivery such as an elective cesarean section, however in some cases a scheduled cesarean section must be planned for a successful delivery and recovery of the mother.
  • Hysterotomy abortion is a surgical procedure that removes an intact fetus from the uterus in a process similar to a cesarean section.
  • Elective cesarean section has also been presented as a potential delivery method for infants of suspected macrosomia, as it can serve to prevent possible birth trauma.
  • Emergency exploratory laparotomy with cesarean delivery accompanied by fluid and blood transfusion are indicated for the management of uterine rupture.
  • A 2014 systematic review and meta analysis on the subject of induction and its effect on cesarean section indicate that after 41 weeks of gestation there is a reduction of cesarean deliveries when the labour is induced.
  • Evidence does not indicate that mode of delivery (i.e. vaginal vs. cesarean) has an effect on vertical transmission.
  • Maternal obesity is highly prevalent in Djibouti, a condition which increases the risk of cesarean delivery.
  • Stress levels can be influenced by factors including the way of labor, duration of labor and degree of post-surgical pain after a cesarean surgery (c-section).
  • In the United States, African American and Hispanic women continue to have higher rates of cesarean section than do white women in the US.
  • There are observed differences in immune factor composition in the milk of mothers who delivered cesarean versus vaginally.
  • At night, the nurses watch videos of cesarean sections being performed.
  • An analysis of 132 obstetric and gynecologic operations associated with complicated pregnancy and delivery during the period from 1988 to 1989 established that there were 38 cesarean sections, of which 76 percent were emergency operations.
  • A report states that a pregnant woman undergoing a cesarean section increases the risk of developing SPT .
  • In the village is a 25 bed Government Hospital which serves surrounding villages for delivery normal/cesarean and all other diseases.
  • As the Certified Nurse Midwife group practice with the lowest episiotomy rates and one of the top practices nationally for: highest total vaginal birth rate; highest spontaneous vaginal birth rate; lowest primary cesarean section rate; highest rate of 6 week post partum visit attendance; highest breast-feeding continuation rate; and lowest total cesarean section rate, by the American College of Nurse Midwives.
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