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NOUN   a cesarean section | cesarean sections
Cesarean (section) [Am.]
Kaiserschnitt {m}
cesarean (section) [Am.] <C-section> [Sectio caesarea]
Sektio {f} [Kaiserschnitt]
cesarean section <C-section> [Am.]
Schnittentbindung {f}
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  • In less-developed countries, obstetric fistulae usually develop as a result of prolonged labor when a cesarean section cannot be obtained.
  • Birth by Cesarean section or vaginal delivery also influences the gut's microbial composition.
  • Even with the variety of studies, it is difficult to find the exact rate as approximately 60% of US women are not diagnosed and of those diagnosed approximately 50% are not treated for PPD. Cesarean section rates did not affect the rates of PPD.
  • It is best practice to limit the amount of interventions that occur during labour and delivery such as an elective cesarean section, however in some cases a scheduled cesarean section must be planned for a successful delivery and recovery of the mother.
  • If the patient delivers via Cesarean section, the surgeon will remove part or all of the fallopian tubes after the infant has been delivered and the uterus has been closed.
  • If a pulse has not returned by four minutes, an emergency Cesarean section is recommended.
  • It is a temporary measure until a cesarean section can be performed.
  • His wife, Marie Colinet (or "Fabry"), was a Swiss midwife-surgeon who improved the techniques of cesarean section delivery.
  • A 2014 systematic review and meta analysis on the subject of induction and its effect on cesarean section indicate that after 41 weeks of gestation there is a reduction of cesarean deliveries when the labour is induced.
  • Management focuses on quick delivery, usually by cesarean section.
  • Risk factors include pregnancy at an older age and smoking as well as prior cesarean section, labor induction, or termination of pregnancy.
  • A full-thickness skin graft is more risky, in terms of the body accepting the skin, yet it leaves only a scar line on the donor section, similar to a Cesarean-section scar.
  • ECV does not always work, but it does improve the mother's chances of giving birth to her baby vaginally and avoiding a cesarean section.
  • Terminal meconium occurs when the fetus passes the meconium a short enough time before birth/cesarean section that the amniotic fluid remains clear, but individual clumps of meconium are in the fluid.
  • Hysterectomy is the second most common major surgery among women in the United States (the first is cesarean section).
  • It is unknown if its use during pregnancy is safe for the fetus, but use during a cesarean section appears to be safe.
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