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NOUN   a cesspit | cesspits
SYNO cesspit | cesspool | sink | ...
cesspit [refuse pit]
Abfallgrube {f}
cesspitJauchegrube {f}
Sickergrube {f}
cesspitGüllegrube {f}
cesspitFäkaliengrube {f}
cesspitSenkgrube {f}
Versitzgrube {f}
cesspit emptierGrubenentleerer {m}
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  • The same percentage is connected to a sewage system, mostly through a cesspit.
  • In 1854 John Snow traced a cholera outbreak in Soho in London to fecal contamination of a public water well by a home cesspit.
  • The discovery of Gavagnin's body in a cesspit, where he has been drowned after torture, allows Zen to stay on in the city after the successful conclusion of the Zulian case.
  • Another 40% of the population are served by cesspit-tank soil-absorption field systems.
  • It is definitely an area in which management and marketing conflict a lot with programmers, but most programmers will behave very petulantly when asked to dive into a cesspit of ancient, complex, poorly documented and, hackish code, and often this will lead to easter eggs and intentional exploit vulnerabilities and staff turnover.
  • 8% used a cesspit. The blockade on Gaza severely restricted the city's water supply.
  • from an old cesspit, which had begun to leak faecal bacteria.
  • Archaeologists often use the term cesspit (or cess pit) to refer to a pit dug to receive human waste.
  • On the morning of 26 July, the combined weight of the assembled nobles caused the wooden second story floor of the building to collapse and most of them fell through into the latrine cesspit below the ground floor, where about 60 of them drowned in liquid excrement.
  • The outside lavatory, which will originally have been served by an on-site cesspit and then by the Hamilton municipal pan system, is relocated to its present position for compulsory connection to the Newcastle district sewerage system.
  • Forty figurines and twenty-eight parts of figurines were discovered on the Oude Varkenmarkt in Leiden in a cesspit dating to the middle of the 15th century.
  • The toilet holes would be flushed by emptying a jar of water, drawn from the house's central well, through a clay brick pipe, and into a shared brick drain, that would feed into an adjacent soak pit (cesspit).
  • The exception is damage to one of the two ships depicted, done when an Ottoman-era cesspit was dug into the mosaic.
  • The girls battle at the cesspit and must deliver two sandbags to their platform; Cherelle wins and selects Brandon as Dino's opponent for round one.
  • In 2013, CSG launched SepticTanksAndCesspits.com; a dedicated sewage clearance booking website which enables customers to get an instant online quote and book a tanker to empty their septic tank, cesspit or sewage treatment plant.
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