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NOUN   a cesspool | cesspools
SYNO cesspit | cesspool | sink | ...
cesspoolJauchegrube {f}
Kloake {f}
cesspool [fig.]Sumpf {m} [fig.]
cesspoolGüllegrube {f}
cesspoolSenkgrube {f}
cesspoolJauchengrube {f}
cesspoolOdelgrube {f} [südd. für: Güllegrube]
cesspoolFäkaliengrube {f}
2 Wörter
cesspool cleanerGrubenentleerer {m}
3 Wörter
cesspool of iniquitySündenpfuhl {m}
cesspool of viceSündenpfuhl {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Since this is not done with cesspool content, cesspool emptiers have no need for such separative capability.
  • Hikind criticized President Barack Obama for abstaining on UN Security Council Resolution 2234, which criticized Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, calling the UN a "cesspool".
  • An adequate system must be in place to carry water used for cooking, washing, toilet, bath or shower to a sewer, cesspool or settlement tank.
  • Messenger describes him as truly decent person who persevered in the "cesspool of politics" because that is where the most good can be done for the most people.
  • A biofilm forms in the loose soil surrounding a cesspool or pit latrine that provides some degree of attenuation of the pollutants present, but a deep cesspool can allow raw sewage to directly enter groundwater with minimal biological cleansing, leading to groundwater pollution and undrinkable water supplies.
  • Foreman has been a vocal critic of his own district, calling the area a "cesspool of liberalism".
  • A covered pit that disposes of the water component of sewage by the same principle as a dry well is called a cesspool.
  • For centuries, Puttenahalli lake was one of Bengaluru's pristine lakes. However, pollution and neglect turned it into a cesspool of garbage and sewage.
  • In 1979, while digging under the restaurant to create a new wine cellar, labourers found an old cesspool.
  • The vehicle is a cesspool emptier and equipped for collection of nightsoil. A description of these duties may be found in Vintage Roadscene Magazine July 2010 issue.
  • The story is highly symbolic, with pastoral scenes of children combing a hillside—in search of the escaped prisoner. The "escapee" turns out to have drowned herself - in a cesspool.
  • They can also smell the protagonist if they fall into a cesspool (only found during some missions; after the protagonist emerges from the cesspool, a brown haze surrounds him, indicating that he can be detected by smell at a certain distance) or are covered with blood from an earlier fight.
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