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ADJ   cestode | more cestode | most cestode
NOUN   cestode | cestodes
SYNO cestode | tapeworm
cestode [class Cestoda, phylum Platyhelminthes] [tapeworm]
Cestode {f} [auch: Zestode] [Bandwurm]
cestode fauna
Cestodenfauna {f}
cestode fauna
Bandwurmfauna {f}
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  • Hymenolepiasis is the most common cestode infection in humans.
  • Spectacular parasites are the cysts of the larvae of the trypanorhynch cestode "Molicola horridus", often found in great numbers in the liver.
  • (a trematode/fluke), Anisakis (a nematode/roundworm) and Diphyllobothrium a (cestode/tapeworm),") are asymptomatic." persisting for many years' or decades (up to 25 years) if untreated.
  • Although secure with a wide distribution, some local populations are threatened by hunting for meat. An endoparasitic cestode "Vogea vestibularis" has been described from this species.
  • The parasites of the Olympic marmot include the cestode "Diandrya composita", and fleas of the genus "Oropsylla".
  • Of the worms, the cestode Echinococcus granulosus, also known as the dog tapeworm, infects the liver and forms characteristic hepatic hydatid cysts.
  • They are parasitised by many species of cestode worms.
  • It is parasitised by "Echeneibothrium bathyphilum", a cestode tapeworm of the order Rhinebothriidea.
  • Research studies have been focusing on vaccine against cestode parasites, since many immune cell types are found to be capable of destroying cysticercus.
  • "Anoplocephala manubriata" is a host-specific tapeworm, or "cestode", that parasitizes African ("Loxodonta africana") and Asian ("Elephas maximus") elephants.
  • Specifically predicting that: temporal variation might structure the cestode community, the most common cestode species in brine shrimp would be those that used the most common bird species as final hosts and that temporal variation in "Artemia" would track changes in abundance of their final host.
  • Several parasites, including a cestode, have been identified in this species.
  • These included trematodes, nematodes, acanthocephalans, and one cestode.
  • The abdominal cavity harbours larvae of the tetrarynch cestode "Pseudogilquinia pillersi".
  • The genus Bertiella has 29 cestode species that infect primarily non-human primates.
  • A species of endoparasitic cestode, "Triaenorhina burti" has been described from the species.
  • These are often called tapeworms because of their flat, slender but very long bodies – the name "cestode" is derived from the Latin word "cestus", which means "tape".
  • Dwarf sperm whale remains have been found in the stomachs of great white sharks ("Carcharodon carcharias"), and infestations of the cestode "Phyllobothrium delphini" in beached individuals indicates shark attacks since the cestode matures in sharks.
  • A total of 11 species of helminthes, including six species of digeneans, three species of nematodes, a species of cestode, and an acanthocephalan have been found in the stomach and intestines of "T.
  • Hosts can become immune to infection by a cestode if the lining, the mucosa, of the gut is damaged.
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