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to charge the batteryden Akku aufladen
The battery has a full charge.
Die Batterie ist voll (aufgeladen).
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  • The phone features a standard Mini USB connector which does not charge the battery.
  • The larger the capacity, the more charge the battery can hold (analogous to the size of a fuel tank).
  • After the charge has depleted, a petrol powered generator starts to charge the battery enabling a further 400 miles of range.
  • The advantage of combining the two systems is that the vehicle can function with the battery if there is no sunlight and also reduces the risk of getting stuck on the road in case of a battery depletion since the solar panels charge the battery simultaneously.
  • The console takes roughly three-hours to fully charge the battery.
  • It had a DC input (instead of AC like the original MagSafe chargers) and would power the computer, but would "not" charge the battery.
  • The electric traction motor acts as a generator to charge the battery.
  • As STEREO-B moved along its orbit, it was hoped that its solar panels may again generate enough power to charge the battery.
  • Power Adapter for the D200 which supplies power instead of using the battery. The power adapter doesn't charge the battery in the camera but rather powers the camera.
  • When plugged in for charge the battery temperature is sensed and battery heaters used to maintain temperature sufficient to retain specified range - a necessity for colder climate fleet use, where vehicles are usually parked outdoors.
  • To charge the battery it is immersed in water for three minutes and then tied to the balloon prior to inflation.
  • Some USB hubs may support power delivery (PD) to charge the laptop battery, if self-powered and certified to do so, but may be referred to as a simple docking station due to the similar nature of only needing one connection to charge the battery and connect peripherals.
  • i-Cybie dogs from this production run are nearly identical, the only notable differences being the lack of Tiger or Hasbro logos on the shipping box (replaced with only Silverlit logos) and a manual that no longer informs the user to charge the battery for 10 hours.
  • External power supplies are used both with equipment with no other source of power and with battery-powered equipment, where the supply, when plugged in, can sometimes charge the battery in addition to powering the equipment.
  • GM also offered a 120 V AC convenience charger that could be used with any standard North America power socket to slow-charge the battery pack.
  • , the gasoline engine may be used to charge the battery or under heavy acceleration.
  • The system generates electricity to charge the battery when the driver is braking, and automatically cuts the engine when the speed drops below [...].
  • The battery-electric version of the Class 777 would allow the possibility of Merseyrail services from Liverpool to Skelmersdale, Wrexham, Warrington, Preston and Runcorn, without full line electrification.
  • A typical unit requires 8 hours to charge the battery, which provides the range of [...] , at the speed of around [...].
  • One important advantage over other lithium-ion chemistries is thermal and chemical stability, which improves battery safety.
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