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NOUN   a charge transfer | charge transfers
charge transfer
Ladungs­transfer {m}
charge transfer
Ladungs­übertragung {f}
transfer chargeÜbertragungs­gebühr {f}
charge-transfer complex <CT complex; CTC>
Charge-Transfer-Komplex {m} <CT-Komplex>
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  • As a general rule, the regioselectivity is in favor of the ortho adduct at the expense of the meta adduct when the amount of charge transfer taking place in the exciplex increases.
  • Many electronic transitions in conjugated π-systems are from a predominantly bonding molecular orbital (MO) to a predominantly antibonding MO (π to π*), but electrons from non-bonding lone pairs can also be promoted to a π-system MO (n to π*) as often happens in charge-transfer complexes.
  • Hydrogen bonds arise from a combination of electrostatics (multipole-multipole and multipole-induced multipole interactions), covalency (charge transfer by orbital overlap), and dispersion (London forces).
  • Most transitions that are related to colored metal complexes are either d–d transitions or charge transfer bands.
  • However, recent improvements in EMCCD technology have led to a new generation of cameras capable of producing significantly less CIC, higher charge transfer efficiency and an EM gain 5 times higher than what was previously available.
  • The technique has been used to obtain single crystals of low-dimensional electrical conductors, such as charge-transfer salts and linear chain compounds.
  • A metal-to-ligand charge transfer (MLCT) transition will be most likely when the metal is in a low oxidation state and the ligand is easily reduced.
  • This sensitivity has been used to study effects on charge distribution resulting from substitution, weak interactions, and charge transfer.
  • Phenothiazines are electron donors, forming charge-transfer salts with many acceptors.
  • The purplish-black color of solid potassium permanganate, and the intensely pink to purple color of its solutions, is caused by its permanganate anion, which gets its color from a strong charge-transfer absorption band caused by excitation of electrons from oxo ligand orbitals to empty orbitals of the manganese(VII) center.
  • The long No–H distances in the NoH2 molecule and the significant charge transfer lead to extreme ionicity with a dipole moment of 5.94 D for this molecule.
  • These capacitors used a solid organic conductor, the charge transfer salt TTF-TCNQ (tetracyanoquinodimethane), which provided an improvement in conductivity by a factor of 10 compared with the manganese dioxide electrolyte.
  • The negative charge transfer process is carried out by a complex formed between cytochrome c and cytochrome c peroxidase which occurs in the inter-membrane space of mitochondria.
  • Zeleny (1944) confirmed these results and observed the corona charge transfer.
  • Charge-transfer complexes tend to have very intense colors for different reasons.
  • When I2 reacts with Lewis bases in these solvents a blue shift in I2 peak is seen and the new peak (230 &ndash; 330 nm) arises that is due to the formation of adducts, which are referred to as charge-transfer complexes.
  • Despite recent improvements, there are still difficulties in using density functional theory to properly describe: intermolecular interactions (of critical importance to understanding chemical reactions), especially van der Waals forces (dispersion); charge transfer excitations; transition states, global potential energy surfaces, dopant interactions and some strongly correlated systems; and in calculations of the band gap and ferromagnetism in semiconductors.
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