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NOUN   a charge transport | charge transports
charge transport
Ladungs­transport {m}
charge carrier transport
Ladungs­trägertransport {m}
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  • This heating also affects the ordering of the polymeric chains because the polymers are microcrystalline systems and it improves charge transfer, charge transport, and charge collection throughout the OPV device.
  • Other applications focus on the insight provided by these experiments in the area of charge transport, which is a recurrent phenomenon in many chemical and biological processes.
  • The observation of long-distance inter-protein electron transfer through the aqueous solution and is strongly regulated by phosphorylation, which adds one negative charge to the protein surface that disrupts cationic depletion and prevents long-distance charge transport.
  • In the former case charge transport is quantized even in the case of small backscattering.
  • The following two books contain a comprehensive analysis of the theory of non-equilibrium charge transport in semiconductor diodes, and give also an overview of applications (at least up to the end of the seventies).
  • DNAFETs are highly selective since only specific binding modulates charge transport.
  • They charge transport providers only a success fee, which is payable when the quote is accepted.
  • It can be used for photosensitization, and as a charge transport material.
  • Electrons are injected from photoexcited dye into the conduction band of titania and holes are transported by a solid charge transport electrolyte to an electrode.
  • This could mean scientists can fabricate single-crystal devices and determine intrinsic electrical conductivity and charge transport mechanism.
  • The adjective "diffusion" is used because the original use of this term was for junction diodes, where the charge transport was via the diffusion mechanism.
  • Other variations were also invented for physics research, such as the Pelletron, that uses a chain with alternating insulating and conducting links for charge transport.
  • in books on transferred electron devices and, more recently on nonlinear wave methods for charge transport.
  • In 1989, Barton moved to Caltech, where her research has focused on charge transport in DNA.
  • This can cause strong phonon scattering but would not affect charge transport.
  • His idea that the charge is not transported by the movement of particles but by breaking and reformation of bonds was the first basically correct concept for the charge transport in electrolytes; it is still valid for the charge transport in water, and the current proton hopping mechanism is a modified version of the original Grotthuss mechanism.
  • Charge carriers in graphene show linear, rather than quadratic, dependence of energy on momentum, and field-effect transistors with graphene can be made that show bipolar conduction. Charge transport is ballistic over long distances; the material exhibits large quantum oscillations and large and nonlinear diamagnetism.
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