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to charge sb. (with sth.)
Anklage gegen jdn. erheben (wegen etw.)
to charge sb. with sth.jdm. etw. anlasten
to charge sb. with sth.jdm. etw. vorwerfen
to charge sb. with sth.jdm. etw. zur Last legen
to charge sb. with sth.
jdn. wegen etw. [meist Gen., auch Dat.] anklagen
to charge sb. with sth. [e.g. a murder]
jdn. wegen etw.Gen. anschuldigen [z. B. eines Mordes]
to charge sb. with sth. [entrust sb. with a task]jdn. mit etw.Dat. beauftragen
to charge sb. with sth. [entrust with or give a task]jdn. mit etw.Dat. betrauen
to charge sth. (with sth.) [fill, load, feed]
etw.Akk. (mit etw.Dat.) beschicken [befüllen]
to charge withvorhalten
3 Wörter
to charge sb. with manslaughter
jdn. des / wegen Totschlags anklagen
to charge sb. with theft
jdn. des Diebstahls anklagen
4 Wörter
with ... responsible (in charge)unter (der) Federführung von ...
to charge sb. with a crime
jdn. eines Verbrechens bezichtigen
to charge sb. with a crime
jdn. eines Verbrechens beschuldigen
to charge sb. with a missionjdm. eine Mission anvertrauen
5+ Wörter
to charge a liquid with gas
mit Kohlensäure anreichern
to charge sb. with contempt of court
jdn. wegen Missachtung des Gerichts anklagen
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  • These materials are used because they are abundant, electrically conducting and can intercalate lithium ions to store electrical charge with modest volume expansion (~10%).
  • A shaped charge is an explosive charge with a hollow lined cavity at one end and a detonator at the other.
  • This is necessary so the projectile may be inserted from the mouth to the base of the tube and seated securely adjacent the propellant charge with relative ease.
  • His earliest years were passed in the monastery of Siresa, learning to read and write and to practice the military arts under the tutelage of Lope Garcés the Pilgrim, who was repaid for his services by his former charge with the county of Pedrola when Alfonso came to the throne.
  • The "Eurovision Village" is an official fan zone open to the public free of charge, with live performances by the contest's artists and screenings of the live shows on big screens.
  • To get more developers on board DirectX, Microsoft approached id Software's John Carmack and offered to port "Doom" and "Doom 2" from MS-DOS to DirectX, free of charge, with id retaining all publishing rights to the game.
  • Publications were sold to the public until the early 1990s, from which time they were offered free of charge, with a request for donations.
  • Richard Johnson ordered a suicide squad of twenty men to charge with him and draw the Indians' fire, with the rest to attack as the Indians reloaded.
  • Another series was aired in 1976 with Jonathan Routh in charge, with Dulay as producer.
  • "Hunley" was originally intended to attack by using a floating explosive charge with a contact fuse (a torpedo in 19th century terminology) which was towed at the end of a long rope.
  • While criminal procedure differs dramatically by jurisdiction, the process generally begins with a formal criminal charge with the person on trial either being free on bail or incarcerated, and results in the conviction or acquittal of the defendant.
  • Secret Service is in charge with protecting the vice president and the second family.
  • Navy was in charge with "Classified" orders "to do all it could to establish a basis for a (U.S.) land claim in Antarctica".
  • Her successor, John Major, replaced the Community Charge with the Council Tax, similar to the rating system that preceded the Community Charge.
  • An electrical current sent down a wire could ignite the charge with a spark.
  • Rooney started sole charge with The Rams in 24th, six points adrift of safety and on a run of four consecutive defeats; after improving Derby's form enough to get them out of the relegation zone he was appointed as permanent manager on 15 January.
  • The first stage of the bomb was a uranium charge with a capacity of 1.5 Mt, which in itself provided a large amount of radioactive fallout; nevertheless, it can be assumed that Tsar Bomba was really relatively clean – more than 97% of the explosion power was provided by a thermonuclear fusion reaction, which practically does not create radioactive contamination.
  • Waveshapers are often used to save space; a shorter charge with a waveshaper can achieve the same performance as a longer charge without a waveshaper.
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