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VERB   to constrict | constricted | constricted
constricting | constricts
SYNO constricting | constrictive | narrowing
constricting {adj}zusammenziehend
constricting {adj} {pres-p}einengend
constricting {adj}beklemmend [beengend]
constricting {adj}einschnürend
non-constricting {adj}nicht einengend [i.S.v. nicht einschnürend]
constricting cuffseinengende Bündchen {pl}
constricting cuffseinschneidende Bündchen {pl}
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  • Other methods include constricting the airway to create a "rasp".
  • Selective breeding for dog breeds caused constricting breed-specific bottlenecks.
  • Its powers include pectoral lasers and machine guns, flight, a double-headed chariot horse with spiked wheels and mouth lasers and a constricting, bladed tail.
  • Boa constrictor is a large South American constricting snake.
  • This monster appeared in episode 36. Its powers include splitting into two different monsters, constricting electric tentacles, summoning vines, and a club that can turn into a sword.
  • "Python" is a genus of constricting snakes in the Pythonidae family native to the tropics and subtropics of the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • "E. conicus" preys upon birds and small mammals, which it kills by constricting.
  • The pupil's diameter, and thus the inner border of the iris, changes size when constricting or dilating.
  • Effective collaboration requires that a participant be freed from the burden of knowing the intent history typically imbedded within and constricting the use of parametric models.
  • The Edinger–Westphal nucleus supplies preganglionic parasympathetic fibers to the eye, constricting the pupil, accommodating the lens, and convergence of the eyes.
  • Applying an ice pack will keep down swelling and reduce internal bleeding by constricting the capillaries. Analgesic drugs (painkillers) can be administered to relieve pain.
  • Fig 2. Foreskin retracted under anaesthetic with the phimotic ring or stenosis constricting the shaft of the penis and creating a "waist".
  • "Dactyllelina haptotyla" traps nematodes by adhesive knobs and non-constricting loops.
  • 25,000 birds were culled in total in a Philippines poultry outbreak. A 7-mile zone constricting poultry movement was also established.
  • Topical decongestants are vasoconstrictors, and work by constricting the blood vessels within the nasal cavity.
  • Like in "Xenopus", actomyosin contractility plays a major role in constricting the apical side of the cell.
  • Other fungi form constricting rings or adhesive knobs that trap nematodes, which the fungus then digests.
  • Sphincter paralysis is paralysis of one of the body's many sphincters, preventing it from constricting normally.
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