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NOUN   dabbling | dabblings
VERB   to dabble | dabbled | dabbled
dabbling | dabbles
dabbling {adj} {pres-p}bespritzend
dabbling in politicsPfuschen {n} auf politischer Ebene [ugs.]
dabbling duck
Schwimmente {f}
dabbling duck
Gründelente {f}
dabbling ducks [Anatini]
Schwimmenten {pl}
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  • The gadwall is a bird of open wetlands, such as prairie or steppe lakes, wet grassland or marshes with dense fringing vegetation, and usually feeds by dabbling for plant food with head submerged.
  • Following the review of Livezey (1986), several species formerly classified as aberrant dabbling ducks or as "perching ducks" were placed in the Tadorninae.
  • The pintail feeds by dabbling and upending in shallow water for plant food mainly in the evening or at night, and therefore spends much of the day resting.
  • Its surviving members are the dabbling ducks, which feed mainly at the surface rather than by diving.
  • The common teal or dabbling duck is the smallest migratory bird found in the lake.
  • "Anas" is a genus of dabbling ducks.
  • In 1998, Yeager sold his recording studio and retired, dabbling in real estate and other investments.
  • Henri Rousseau, the self-taught dabbling postmaster, became the model for the naïve revolution.
  • After dabbling in sports cars, he revitalized his open-wheel racing career by substituting for an injured Dario Franchitti halfway through the 2003 IRL season.
  • While working full-time for an electronics firm, Goelz began dabbling with puppet building.
  • "Chenonetta" is a genus of dabbling duck. One species is extinct, while the other is extant.
  • They were formerly placed in the "perching ducks", a paraphyletic group somewhat intermediate between shelducks and dabbling ducks, and it is not quite clear whether they should be placed in the Anatinae (dabbling duck) or Tadorninae (shelduck) subfamily.
  • He kept distributing films and dabbling in a number of areas, including retail and property investment, up until his death.
  • Initially, it was placed in the dabbling duck subfamily Anatinae.
  • These birds feed by dabbling. They mainly eat plants; their diet may include molluscs and aquatic insects.
  • The mallard usually feeds by dabbling for plant food or grazing; there are reports of it eating frogs.
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