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NOUN   a dace | dace / daces
SYNO dace | Leuciscus leuciscus
dace [Leuciscus leuciscus]
Häsling {m}
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
(common) dace [Leuciscus leuciscus]
Hasel {m}
(common) dace [Leuciscus leuciscus]
Zinnfisch {m}
Cikola riffle dace [Telestes turskyi, syn.: Leuciscus turskyi, Squalius turskyi]
Cikola-Strömer {m}
Croatian (riffle) dace [Telestes polylepis, syn.: Leuciscus polylepis]
Kroatischer Strömer {m}
Dabarsko dace [Telestes dabar]
Dabarsko-Strömer {m}
Eurasian dace [Leuciscus leuciscus]
Hasel {m}
karst dace [Telestes karsticus]
Karst-Strömer {m}
Konavle dace [Telestes miloradi]
Konavlischer Strömer {m}
Krbava dace [Telestes fontinalis, syn.: Phoxinellus fontinalis]
Krbava-Strömer {m}
Makal dace [Squalius microlepis, syn.: Leuciscus microlepis]
Imotski-Döbel {m}
sea dace [Dicentrarchus labrax]
Europäischer Wolfsbarsch {m}
striped dace [Telestes metohiensis, syn.: Paraphoxinus metohiensis, Phoxinellus metohiensis]
Bosnischer Strömer {m}
Ukliva dace [Telestes ukliva, syn.: Leuciscus ukliva, Squalius ukliva]
Ukliva-Strömer {m}
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  • He suggested that his listeners cast an online vote for the Longnose dace.
  • Since the 1990s the dace have been in decline mainly due to habitat destruction and modification.
  • The bold and distinctive markings of the northern redbelly dace during the breeding season, make it easy to recognize. In fact, this dace is considered among the most attractive native minnow.
  • The Banff longnose dace ("Rhinichthys cataractae smithi") was a diminutive (about five cm.
  • It also includes the extinct Las Vegas dace, which was only first described in 1984 and had disappeared by 1986.
  • Brook trout, longnose dace, eastern blacknose dace, and creek chub all inhabit the watershed of Pine Creek. Wild trout naturally reproduce in the creek from its headwaters downstream to its mouth.
  • Fried dace with salted black beans is a canned food of Chinese origin.
  • Two decades earlier, this part of the stream was also inhabited by pumpkinseeds and eastern blacknose dace, but not by brown trout.
  • One of the most widespread species in western North America, the speckled dace is found in large numbers throughout the Virgin River and its tributaries.
  • A dace is a small fish that can be one of many different species.
  • The fish is sometimes canned (typically as fried dace with salted black beans) or processed as fish cakes, fish balls or dumplings.
  • "Leuciscus danilewskii", referred to as the Danilevskii's dace or Don dace, is a species of freshwater fish of the cyprinid family, inhabiting the Don River basin in Ukraine and Russia.
  • The Gila longfin dace ("Agosia chrysogaster chrysogaster") is an subspecies of the longfin dace found in Arizona. It is considered the nominate subspecies of the longfin dace.
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